Thread: History of cows in Ireland! In most of Ulster townlands were known as "ballyboes" from baile b贸 "cow land/"land of a cow"! Since yearly rent of a cow ( @placenamesni)? Co Cavan similar units called "polls", & in Co Fermanagh & Monaghan known as "tates" or "taths"! 漏mine 馃悇
Cows so important, worshipped by Irish when pagan! In Dindsenchas, cow goddess, B贸inn/Boann forbidden to approach Well of Segais by husband. But she circled it 3 times causing waters to rise up & become River Boyne! Lost an arm, leg, eye, & then her life! 馃帹Tara's Open Studio & ?
Ardboe from Ard B贸, "height of the cow(s)" is a small village & civil parish in Co Tyrone, N Ireland. The name comes from a legend that the monastery of Ardboe was built from the milk of a magic cow which emerged from nearby Lough Neagh! 漏mine 馃悇
It's not just cows that are important in Irish history, but obviously calves too! "Irish name for Belfast Lough, Loch Lao (Loch L贸eg) 'lough of the calf'. The name may allude to a time when ancient peoples worshipped bovine deities" (via @placenamesni)! 漏mine 馃悇
Clontarf, Dublin is from Cluain Tarbh, "Meadow of Bulls/the bull"! If you like your music heavy, you might know it's also the name of Irish Celtic metal band Mael M贸rdha's debut studio album (2005)! 漏mine (so glad he's not a Friesian or Jersey-the scariest?!) #FarmSafetyWeek 馃悅
T谩in B贸 C煤ailnge/The Cattle Raid of Cooley begins! 2 pig keepers became 2 worms which were swallowed by 2 cows & reborn as 2 bulls! Donn Cuailnge (Brown Bull of Cooley in Louth who C煤 Chulainn defended) & Finnbhennach ("White-horned")! My thread!馃帹D Kinney
Inishbofin/Inis B贸 Finne, Co Galway means 'Island of the White Cow'! Floating until fishermen landed on it in fog! By bringing fire onto island they dispelled magic fixing it in place! They saw an old woman driving a white cow, which turned into a rock when the woman struck it!
There is an area west of Slieve Gullion, Co Armagh, known as 鈥淭he Glen of the Heifer鈥! Once a famous cow in this glen who gave milk in abundance to everybody who came but one day someone tried to milk her into a sieve! Angered her so much she left mark on the Kilnasaggart stone!
Clonygowan, Co Offaly if from the Irish, Cluain na nGamhan, "meadow/pasture of the calves"! 漏mine 馃悇

(For those of you who don't know these 3 cuties are all Belgian Blue/Friesian crosses even though one looks more like a Friesian! They are all suckling from one amazing cow!)
Glas Gaibhnenn in Irish folklore, is a "prized fabulous cow of bounty that yields profuse quantities of milk"! Various owners: Gaivnin? (deduced from etymology), Cian mac C谩inte/Mac Kineely (Lugh's father) & Mac Cinnfhaelaidh! 漏mine馃悇 (This super cow suckling her own & 2 others!)
The magic cow Glas Gaibhnenn's name spelt differently of course throughout Ireland & in variant retellings of her story! eg Glas Ghaibhleann, Glas Gaivlen, Gloss Gavlen, Glas Gaibhneach, Glas Gamhain, Glas Gamhnach, Glas Goibniu, Glassdhablecana! 漏mine 馃悇 (super foster mum 2+1!)
One of Glas Gaibhnenn's various names is Glas Goibniu as she was once owned by Goibniu the metalsmith of the Tuatha D茅 Danann (Irish gods/goddesses)! He is associated with hospitality so all that lots milk from her magic udder would have been very useful! 漏Sigo Paolini, dumteedum
One day the magic cow Glas Gaibhnenn was stolen by Balor (giant monster King of the Fomorians)! 馃帹Scottish illustrator Stephen Reid drew Balor as a red-haired boy in disguise when he was stealing him, in TW Rolleston (1910) Myths and Legends!
One version of the story is when Balor (giant monster King of the Fomorians) stole the magic cow Glas Gaibhnenn, she & her calf looked back & were turned to stone, making the Rockabill Islands, Co Dublin, Ireland! (Other version: Boann's dog) 漏John Eagle #FolkloreThursday 馃悇馃お馃槻
In other versions of the story of the magic cow, Glas Gaibhnenn, the smith owner is Gavida/Gavigan! She is taken by Balor & only returned after Gavigan makes trees grow on Tory Island, Co Donegal! Not many trees so don't know how that finished! 漏Ireland Reaching Out, myfarmnt馃尦馃惍
There is a connection between the rescue of Glas Gaibhnenn the magic cow of the gods, & the birth of Lugh! Either Gavigan (or Cian/Mac Kineely) meets Balor's daughter en route & they have Lugh who goes on to kill his granda Balor! Relief for Tuath D茅 Danann! 漏 @jimfitzpatrick, RT脡
Glas Gaibhnenn, the Irish gods' magic cow described as "the green (cow)"; "Grey (cow) of the Smith"; "Goibniu's Grey or Brindled (Cow)"; "white heifer" glossed "the grey-flanked-cow". "white with green spots"! Description best suits Irish Moiled (L) or Droimeann (R) 漏 @droimeann!
Did Glas Gaibhnenn have calf? J Curtin notes Glas Gainach is corruption of 'gaunach', a cow with a yearling calf, which hasn't calved in the current year (farrow cow). Glas Gavlen in Donegal uses term for cow that hasn't calved in 5 yrs! But stories she has a calf! 漏Independentie
Lady Gregory's version! There were 3 brothers: Goibniu the smith, Samthainn & Cian together with the wonderful cow Glas Gaibhnenn! But one day when Cian comes to Goibniu's forge to have his sword wrought (leaving Samthain in charge of the cow) Balor comes to steal her 漏 @droimeann
Balor of the Strong Blows (or Evil Eye) steals away the cow back to his island (Tory island?)! Cian seeks help from a druidess (& member of Tuatha De Danann), "Birog of the Mountain". She tells him that the cow can never be recovered while Balor is alive! 漏 @PJLynchArt @droimeann
With a windy blast the druidess sends Cian to Balor's tower allowing Cian opportunity for a tryst with Balor's daughter (imprisoned)! In Lady Gregory's telling, focus switches to fate of Lugh born between them, so the fate of the cow is untold! 漏Lugh @jimfitzpatrick @thatsfarming
J O'Donovan (d 1861) collected local lore that included mention of the magic cow Glas Gaibhnenn! Found remains of a dolmen in Shallee, Co Clare called Leaba-na-glaise, "Bed of the Cerulean Cow" (Glas the green cow)! Property Cian/Mac Kineely or Lon Mac Liomhtha. 馃摲Bohatch dolmen
O'Donovan collected story that the gods' magic cow, Glas Gaibhneach, was owned by Lon the smith. He also learned that Lon had stolen her from Spain! (maybe a Menorquina (L) or Pasiega (R) dairy breed?-intriguing!-or sacrilege if you think her "Irish"!) PS-Lon had 3 arms & 1 leg!
Lon (or Gavida?) kept Glas Gaibhneach (who we now know was a Spanish magic cow) on Slievenaglasha Mt on edge of The Burren, Co Clare! Not far from the forge, for no other place in Ireland was fertile enough! She & the rest of his herd kept at the wedge tomb! 漏Megalithic Portal馃悇
J O'Donovan interviewed a Co Clare seancha铆. "This cow would fill with her milk any vessel,.. at one milking". 2 women wagering on whether a vessel could be found to outsize her capacity, & when a sieve was produced, the cow's milk caused 7 overflooding streams to pour forth!
But the Corofin, Co Clare seancha铆/tailor John Reagh O'Cahane told O'Donovan that the woman who milked Glas Gaibhnenn the magic cow into a sieve was a wicked hag! That telling of the story ends that the cow either died of grief or deserted the locality for ever!馃摲Ennis, Co Clare
It was said about Glas Gaibhnenn, the magic cow, that "the hoofs of this cow were reversed", & the backward tracks always fooled the potential cattle-thieves in pursuit! Good way to protect such a precious creature! 漏mine 馃悇
According to Rev P Power in Foaty townland, Fota Island, Co Cork, was a pond, Loch na B贸 "Lake of the Cow", which was "supposed to derive its name from a legendary cow-the B贸 Bh谩n or the Glas Gaibhneach"! B贸 Bh谩n (white cow) belonged to goddess Boann (white cow)!馃帹 @jimfitzpatrick
In Ballyoran townland, near Fermoy, Co Cork, is a "Gownach Well"; the well of Gamhnach, a yearling heifer which may be a reference to the legendary Glas Gaibhnenn! Plus part of River Ilen called "Gownach". In Rev Patrick Power's Place Names and Antiquities of S. E. Cork (1917).
Derrylileagh, Co Armagh townland is Doire Loil铆och in Irish, which means 鈥渙ak wood of the milch cows鈥! (via @placenamesni). 'Milch' is an old English word for a milk-producing cow! 漏mine 馃悇
Belfast's River Lagan鈥檚 original name has to do with a calf; Laogh! Also Ptolemy's 2nd C Geography described a river called 螞慰纬喂伪 (Logia). Connects with Old Irish loeg "calf"! Including this info, the original name was feminine; 'female calf' or 'heifer' ( @placenamesni)! 漏mine 馃悇
Laoghaire/L贸egaire may mean "calf-herd"! Name of several High Kings of Ireland. L贸egaire mac N茅ill was son of Niall of the Nine Hostages. His reign coincided with St Patrick & he became one of the 1st converts though adversary in some accounts! Name preserved in D煤n Laoghaire!馃悇
Drumbo, Co Down is Droim B贸 in Irish; "ridge of the cow"! In the life of St Patrick, in Book of Armagh, Drumbo was translated into 'Collum Bovis', a name by which the ancient monastery was known. Has a beautiful truncated round tower. Co Down known for its drumlins. 漏Ross, mine馃悇
Portnaboe, near Giant's Causeway, Co Antrim, from Port na B贸, "bay/port/bank of the cows" ( @placenamesni)! Living up to its name now! NT asked a farmer to provide her Dexters to graze it! They like the course grass, light so can climb the slopes & cute!馃悇
Ballyboley/Baile na Buaile (left) near Larne, Co Antrim means "townland of the summer milking place"! Buaile has given the Hiberno-English term 鈥榖ooleying鈥 which refers to the practice of moving cattle to mountain pastures in summer ( @placenamesni)! 漏mine
Ireland long ago was made up of different named people groups! The Dartraighe (older spelling Dartraige) were the "People of the Calf"! Anglicised as Dartree/Dartry/Dartrey, it was a tuath/territory in the west of Co Monaghan! 漏dad & brother's Angus/Montb茅liarde/Fr-Holstein Xs!
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