Hope for Justice is celebrating the graduation of 22 girls from a life skills training program at our Mary Lighthouse, one of our aftercare centers in Uganda! We are so excited for these girls because they are getting to see HOPE realized
Some of the girls, all aged 12 to 17, had never attended formal education before completing the three-month program, which incorporates role-play, lectures, group projects, discussion work, presentations, and more
One graduate said: “The life skills training helped me to discover who l am. It has helped me realize that l can pick up the broken pieces and move on.”

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Our teams ensure the ongoing recovery of survivors through trauma-informed restorative care, which includes education, life skills, and vocational training. Topics include relationships, emotions, behavior, communication, decision-making, substance abuse, and goal setting
Each child’s onward journey will look different, with personalized care plans to meet their individual needs! Some will be enrolled at school, some will be reintegrated with their families, and others will begin vocational training before securing good-quality employment
We will support the girls as they progress, and will help their families provide additional care. Social workers will make follow-up visits, give psychosocial support such as counseling, offer positive parenting training, educational support, and draw up development plans
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