If you didnt realize this before the pandemic i hope you realize it now. Your life is disposable under capitalism. The profits of the capitalist/rich will always be valued more than your life
Its obv at this point that people who see any future within capitalism are people who are willing to sacrifice billions of lives for their own selfish ambitions.
Its time yall challenge your anti communist views and start learning about Socialism. Dont let any mf tell you Socialism will make your life worse when capitalism is showing its brutality in full force, especially in the U.S right now
If youre going to come at me supporting capitalism and spreading anti communist bs youre getting blocked. If youre open to learning about socialism im here to help
Socialism aims to take control of society from the rich/capitalist/ large land owners and place it in the hands of the colonized, the oppressed , the poor. Socialism aims to meet the needs of all people rather than allowing a handful of rich people to accumulate wealth
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