What is going on?
How are we allowing this crap?
Have we become spectators to these frienge elements?
@BjpKalyaan @Murugan_TNBJP @apmbjp @lalitha_jr @KTRaghavanBJP @ranganaathan @Ethirajans @kesavaessar https://twitter.com/dhanushk1990/status/1283243796310839296
People of #TamilNadu have to come to one Firm Decision in 2021 Elections.
Completely Uproot DMK from political scene.
We can conclude all Religious Unrest start with the support of @arivalayam & DK.
I think #KarupparKoottam issue is intentionally created by @arivalayam THUGs to divert DMK-News18-DK-Gunasekaran nexus.
@MaridhasAnswers must NOT loose focus in exposing DMK-MEDIA Nexus in TN.
Please Retweet this thread to ensure that Media Nexus with DMK should not ignored while we are trying to identify The Anti-Hindu gang abusing our culture.
@cholanatavan @lalitha_jr @ranganaathan @Hariindic @apmbjp @tweets_tinku @Ethirajans @apmbjp @mayamadhava @AnuNaganathan
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