NEWS | PGCPS will begin the 2020-2021 school year on Monday, August 31 with distance learning for all grades. Distance learning will continue through the first and second quarters with a goal to return to school buildings in February to begin the third quarter. (1/6)
Distance learning will be enhanced to include instruction five days a week and more live lessons to supplement pre-recorded lessons. Breakout sessions will support students with special needs and English language learners. (2/6)
All students will be equipped with their own digital device, Wi-Fi hotspots will be distributed and we will continue to cover the cost of internet access for families in need through our Connect PGCPS initiative. (3/6)
Additional resources will include Parent Support Centers throughout the county to assist families with tech support and other aspects of distance learning. Student meals will be offered for twice-weekly pickup at all schools. (4/6)
Conditions will be reassessed in December and families will be offered the option to continue distance learning or begin a hybrid learning model of two days of in-person/three days of distance learning for 3rd and 4th quarters. (5/6)
Next week, we will share plans to support English language learners, students with special needs and youth from low-income families throughout distance learning. Please visit  for updates. Thank you for your continued support. (6/6)
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