I've taken smiling photos with a lot of pedophiles too, when I was oblivious. Being in a photo with someone is NOT EVIDENCE of crimes against children. We have due process in this country because the mob uses speculation and hearsay to convict in the court of public opinion.
Tweets, however implicating they may seem to be, are NOT EVIDENCE of crimes against children. It may constitute probable cause to investigate further, but the tweets themselves are not enough. These people speak in CODE. the apparent meaning is not always the TRUE meaning.
Keep an open mind, neutrally observe the various pieces of evidence & circumstantial evidence while reserving judgement until the whole picture becomes clear. More than half of the people the Q army is bad mouthing daily are trying to help. Stop relying on your own understanding
The family is perfectly willing, able & content to let the public misinterpret their statements, behaviors & choices. They are unconcerned with the opinions of the uninformed or under-informed. Your willful or accidental misinterpretation only prevents YOU from finding the truth.
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