hi this is your midweek reminder that to solving the #ClimateEmergency will mean deploying renewables on a massive, and I mean massive scale https://twitter.com/ftenergy/status/1283250329702760454
at high levels of renewable power there will be months when society needs power when the #renewables aren’t generating enough and times when renewables are making power society doesn’t need.

This is where #hydrogen storage and #sector coupling comes in.

basically by plugging a device called an “electrolyzer” into the renewables we can turn the renewable power into 100% carbon free (“green”) hydrogen at ~80-90% efficiency.

this is where the #decarbonization truly begins.
this green hydrogen fuel is a carbon free commodity that can be sold into a variety of markets and industries.

by using hydrogen as a fuel those industries are decarbonizing and eliminating emissions

here it’s being done with fertilizer production https://twitter.com/HydrogenCouncil/status/1283295233644597249?s=20
and #hydrogen gas can be stored indefinitely without losing energy value.

check this chart showing where energy storage technologies excel based on size & length of time the energy needs to be stored for
see how hydrogen is good for big energy systems and long durations?

that’s hugely critical and relevant to making #renewables a functional power source for grids.

plus this... common man.. 💪💪💪 https://twitter.com/countluku/status/1282339261061136385?s=20
ALSO see this epic list of industries that can accept green hydrogen in order too decarbonize (most of these can’t be decarbonized with batteries 👀) https://twitter.com/countluku/status/1282339261061136385?s=20
and real quick - in case you need a little wake up call...

check the new 2 trillion dollar Biden climate plan: https://twitter.com/H2Carlsberger/status/1283148361353371649?s=20
there’s a lot more... perhaps a thread on that later...
but finally..

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