Saw a few "can't teach that" and "so much lag" comments...

1) Of course it can be taught, but why?

2) There's a lot of 2D camera trick in Sergio's lag.
I'll explain

Let's start with super "laggy" Sergio.

Wow look at the angle between arm and club. "He must be double jointed!"

No kids, a forced perspective is playing tricks on you.

1) his hands are very "deep"

2) his shaft plane is very "flat"
Here's Tiger

"Look sergio has way more LAG🤤"

Both guys lead arms about 10° past parallel, both driver heads on the target side of their head.

Same amount of "lag" or delay.

Tiger's shaft plane is about 50°

Sergio's is about 35°
Sergio DTL

Notice the very squished vertical space between hands and club head and very flat shaft plane.

Also his hands are quite deep, back of lead hand up at the sky (internal rotation)

Imagine looking from the blue arrow.
More space between hands and club head, steeper shaft angle, hands more in front, back of lead hand facing more horizontal

(Sergio line in yellow, club head black)
Why is it important to you?

It wouldn't be if you weren't obsessed with lag (Golf Digest/Channel).

But YOU try to create Sergio "lag" from a Tiger position by "cocking" your wrists more.

There's a BIG problem with that...
A wrist will only "cock" (radially deviate) so much before it begins to cup (extend).

When the lead wrist cups the club face OPENS.

If the face opens you slice


Your body self organizes, you flip it, lose all "lag" and scoop it


You swing more left to try to close it
If you have any questions re-read the thread. If you still have questions, ask away.

This concludes my Lag Ted Talk.
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