As co-chairs of BBC Pride we wanted to say sorry for not being able to update you on the recent changes to the BBC Action Line page. Since we were made aware last week we have been trying to establish why the links were removed and what plans there are to restore them.
We have been speaking directly to Editorial Policy to understand what the rationale was for removing these resources. Disappointingly, despite several conversations with Ed Pol we have still to receive a response.
We know that until there is clarity around the decision, people are speculating about the reasons for the change.

As co-chairs we wanted to let you know that resolving this is a priority for us, as it has been every day over the past week.
We’ve also been supported by our colleagues in central D&I.

It is frustrating for us, but more importantly we’re acutely aware of the concern and anger that the situation has created, particularly for our trans colleagues and communities
Finally, one thing that we are clear on is that BBC Pride will stand up for trans and non-binary colleagues and we will challenge any transphobic activity.
Thank you for your continued patience and as soon as we have more news, we will share it with you.

Su and George
Co-Chairs, BBC Pride
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