Self - Ish was a Term Used To Seperate You From You

We Are All Individuals We Are All Empathic (Xcept the Psychos who CONtrolld us)

So Them Knowing This - Playing Into Service To Others Trap Allowed Them To Seperate Us Further From Our Inner Child State.

The Problem of ...
Service To Others was That They Were The Others As Well As Light Beings Who Had Been Caught In The Ego Loop Or Were Selfish For Material Wealth, Which We Know Is Superficial.

It Created a Rat Race Of Empaths Being Pulled In ALL Different Directions.

Being Self Aware and Able To
Help Others Is Another Kettle Of Fish, As You Are Able Detach/Sort What is You and What Is Not You.

Energy is Transferrable And Auric Infromation Is Also.

Returning To Self is Not Selfish, It is Self Love/Child State.

Self Aware/Child State You Can Help Others ❤️
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