Japan doesn't have much in the way of an independent games press, so it's hard to tell, but I would be interested in seeing Japanese perspectives on Ghost of Tsushima's fictionalisation of history.
I'm not sure there's any country with so much media that distorts and changes its own history for the sake of entertainment. How many versions of Nobunaga are there?

Even the accepted image of Japanese history is often shaped by entertainment and art.
But then: How does a country with so much media that fictionalises and romanticises its own history in entertainment react to another country doing the same?
It's different from stuff like Assassin's Creed: Odyssey and stuff, because Greek history has always been created into entertainment by foreign developers.

But Japan's industry is so large that they are one of the few countries outside the US that mostly adapts their own history
At the same time, most of Japanese historical entertainment is about the Sengoku period on the mainland. Tsushima's not really a hotspot of entertainment material, so even if it's still Japan, it still feels somewhat foreign.
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