thread of things jinyoung has done that shouldn't be real but they are
let's start with these iconic tweets
when he posted his baby pic after eoy poster
jinyoung throwing his mic along with the confetti
when jinyoung thought the face mask was a blindfold
jinyoung was ready to spend an entire month just to prank jaebeom
ahgases: jinyoung jinyoung JINYOUNG JINYOUNG
jinyoung: i know my name
when jinyoung said the lemons were good but his face was saying another thing
when he thought he was so clever for making a hole on the bottle but the straw still sank 🤣🤣
jinyoung vs straws
this right here... i mean what even
when he gave the photobook back to his manager instead of the fan xcjxjdkd PLS HE'S TOO CUTE
if jinyoung says choking is a sign of affection, then it is
the talent literally jumped out
i'm just gonna leave these here
when youngjae tried to scare him but he just deadass ignored youngjae lmao
jinyoung tried cracking a joke but the response was so quiet he bolted from the embarrassment 🤣 cUTIE
when jinyoung changed his insta pfp with a screenshot from jj diary
jinyoung literally said this may be grp activity but we're graded individually
jinyoung taking off his shoes on national tv
jinyoung inventing milk
the way he eats ice cream still sends 💀
jinyoung putting clare berry kate on his blacklist
jinyoung taking off his eyeball in front of america
end of thread ❣️
feel free to add anything i missed 🥰

#GOT7 @GOT7Official
i'm just gonna add this here skcjfjjfk
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