It has been 4 years since the Turkish people risked their lives for democracy by standing up to armed soldiers attempting a coup. 

A thread on #July15, Turkey’s night of valour:
On #July15, 2016, a faction of the Turkish military under the command of FETO terror group rained bullets on civilians. Here’s how the night unfolded:
Turkey thwarted an attempted coup on #July15. Here’s a look at some members of the public who emerged heroes that night
They came armed with tanks and fighter jets against Turkish people prepared to fight the putschists barehanded.

Here’s a look at what the coup plotters used against the public on #July15:
The charges against members of the FETO terror group and their supporters in the #July15 failed coup range from murder to attempting to remove constitutional order and attempting to assassinate the president
Since the #July15 failed putsch, Turkey has taken a wide range of actions against FETO.

We take a look at what happened to the Fetullah Gulen-led terror group since the attempted coup 
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