If you are student of Political Science, you would know about the concepts of "influence" and "access".
With a great level of influence, you can access hidden places/things. And with a great level of access, you can build up influence.

I hope you learn a thing from this THREAD
The first time I heard about "influence and access", I was too young to understand those words.

I got it before I graduated, and it helped me get the job I am doing now. God knows I would have been depressed if not for that thing.
Stay strong if you are in those shoes, please.
Now, let's get deeper

These two words, are the reason why many rich people would rather spend millions to send their kids to school in big institutions, than pay nothing in a federal institution. This is not to condemn federal schools; I went there myself. Try to understand me.
Apart from the quality of education, rich people know the level of exposure and access they'll be giving their children when they are sent to school with other rich kids.
When you spend four years of your life with the children of billionaires and ministers, you would realize...
...that getting a job, and many other things that people struggle for, is just a conversation or chat away. This is also the reason why wealth keeps rotating round the circle of rich people. The rich keep interacting and helping themselves, and the poor...
...on the flip side, keep trying to get access into the circle of the rich.

Now, my reason for thread, is to open the eyes of many young people to one of the secrets of getting enough influence and access, to help them get access to those hidden corridors of wealth and power.
On Twitter, I am privileged to meet with many young people like me. And when I ask what they do, some say they are just looking to do "anything". While this might sound good, it's not always the best mindset. Even if you are willing to do anything, have a specialization.
You can only get access when you have something to bring to the table. So, first, develop yourself. The good thing is, you do not need many skills to be valuable. Your beauty can be your value. Your voice can be your value. On a lighter note, guys, your manhood can be your value.
Truth is, there's a kind of confusion that comes with being in your youth, that makes you wonder if you are even useful for anything.

Well, you are. You just have to identify it. And until you do, that influence and access you seek, might not get to you.
So, on a final note, getting the success you seek, is highly dependent on how well you can identify your value and give it to your target audience. You cannot be the given the role of an O.A.P. if you cannot even construct good sentences. Prayers won't cut it. You need to work.
There is someone out there who needs the skill you have. Strategically locate them and provide it. Slowly, you will be building a network and digging deeper into the world of influence.

I hope someone sees this thread and gets pushed to take that step.
~ Toyosi
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