Why he was *supposed* to lose the Republican Primary

You all saw what @jeffsessions tweeted - it contained TWO Q quotes

A day before that, @POTUS @realDonaldTrump used a Timestamp that lead to the “Silent Assassin” Drop

But one main point...

Which do you think looks better:

A Republican Senator attacking Dems


a Private Citizen testifying under oath?

In the latter scenario, Sessions has NOTHING TO GAIN by attacking Dems

One other critical point everyone forgets...
3/ What exactly was the crime of #ObamaGate #SpyGate ?

Obama spied on Trump’s transition team.

Who was on that transition team?


Could an AG prosecute people who spied on him?

That’s the biggest conflict of interests possible, as @drawandstrike pointed out

@POTUS has continued a 3 year “fake WWE” style grudgefest against Sessions

This is so no one thinks Trump set his “attack dog” against the Dems when those 2017 investigations start paying off soon

But what’s the other OPTICS angle?
5/ @POTUS @realDonaldTrump was a *Private Citizen* when 0bama spied on him

As if spying on a political opponent wasn’t Commie enough, it was against a regular citizen - exactly what the Libs & centrists worried most about with all the tech spying powers 0bama had

And despite...
6/ - the fact that @realDonaldTrump was a billionaire household name, he was only a Private Citizen.

In that way, just like you & me

What is @jeffsessions now?

A Private Citizen

He will be testifying

DC is used to RvD gamesmanship

Think Trump impeachment, or yes, even...
7/ [BC]’s Lew!nsky impeachment

All about point scoring

Now that @jeffsessions is out of the Senate, he’s *Out Of The Game*

& POTUS “hates him”

So when Sessions testifies

from an OPTICS standpoint

he has NOTHING TO GAIN by slamming the Dems

He’s no Holder-esque “wingman”
8/ In fact, I bet in his testimony he’ll take a crack at Trump’s “tantrums”, endearing him to the Left for a whole day or so

Then he will deliver some of the most devastating testimony to Obama’s administration

Backed up with a paper trail 20 miles long - probably from Durham
9/ @jeffsessions is 1 of the most critical pieces of the entire Plan

The Silent Assassin

And *he* just tweeted out *two* Q phrases:


Now he’s officially “out of the game”

So The Real Games can begin

This is part of The Plan

Trust The Plan
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