au where taehyung befriends a super cool woman and he starts to spend a lot of time with her and less time with jimin. jimin is... jealous. /he/ is taehyung's best friend, okay? yeah, maybe she's pretty and she's awesome and she makes taehyung laugh but he /loves/ taehyung
he's been in love with taehyung for so many years and he knows everything about his best friend. he knows how taehyung likes his breakfast in the morning and he knows how to tickle him until he cries and yeah he also knows how taehyung sounds when he comes
but all of that doesn't matter because taehyung starts to spend their movie nights with her, and he texts her all the time when they're together, and when jimin finally has the courage to asks him why he likes her so much taehyung tells him "she understands me"
and that would be fine. it's not the first time jimin had to take a step back and watch taehyung be happy with someone else. he can deal with it. totally.

except this time he /can't/. he can't because this time it feels as if taehyung is slipping through his fingers like sand
he doesn't say anything to taehyung because he's not an asshole. he can see that she makes taehyung happy and jimin really likes her too, she's good for taehyung. they make a nice couple.

so he stays silent and he ignores the concerned looks from the rest of his friends
it's almost two, maybe three months later. they're on a karaoke bar to celebrate someone's birthday. jimin is on this side of too drunk, he's holding a mic and picking a song while their friends cheer. it's the first time in weeks since he had seen taehyung without his girlfriend
and as the song starts and he can't tear his eyes say from taehyung, he finally realizes that bottling things up was a really, really bad idea. but fuck it, right?
taehyung's flushed a dark red by the time jimin is coming off the stage. he feels only a little mortified about what he just did, but the other part is relieved that he finally said something.

taehyung surprises him by coming closer and cupping his face.
"jimin. jimin, you're so ridiculous, oh my god. she's a lesbian. I'm not dating her. she's in love with her best friend... and so am i."

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