1/ #Thread:Andreas Fugelsang wrote many years ago a book on 'The #Myth of People's Ignorance',a must read for anyone involved in trying to teach African people about changing this or that to better themselves-it contains a telling story that Seithy Chachage used in his writings.
2/ It's a story of an #expert who went to teach Maasai people to change their thinking on cattle,when he arrived he clothese were wet,after listening to him,the Maasai elders asked how he came there,after telling them he swam across a river,they asked:didn't you #see that bridge?
3/ This is how that story is captured in its original, unfortunately the source is no longer online, but hopefully @DagHammarskjold will upload it again cf. https://www.jamiiforums.com/threads/tanzania-in-search-of-the-talented-tenth-kuwatafuta-moja-ya-kumi-wenye-talanta.37762/page-5
4/ Andreas Fugelsang (who, by the way, I am told, is related to Minou Fugelsang of @FeminaHip - this a digression, of course) concludes the story by saying:
5/ Sabatho Nyamsenda @Sabatho7, drawing from Seithy Chachage, has also captured the story in #Swahili so eloquently below:
6/ So,yes,it may appear as pedantic or intellectual arrogance to some,if not many,of our dear #mindset changers in #Africa,when we remind them of such stories,but it is a genuine quest to see the mindset #change #mantra does not reproduce what it thinks it is changing- #ignorance.
7/ Let me end this #thread with the a plea to @DagHammarskjold(cc: @HenningMelber)to upload Andreas Fugelsang's 'The #Myth of #People's #Ignorance',we may also wish to read his other #book below at http://www.daghammarskjold.se/wp-content/uploads/1982/08/about-understanding.pdf as we #change our very own mindset about people's #mindset.
PS. H/T @HenningMelber the article (not book) by Andreas Fugelsang on the story at the heart of this story is actually freely available through this link from @DagHammarskjold: http://www.daghammarskjold.se/wp-content/uploads/1984/08/84_1-2.pdf
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