1. Next time any liberal abuses Veer Savarkar, show them these pics.
2. Notice how they apologise, they don’t even justify themselves/give an excuse. Sheer fear, of U know who.
3. Note whom they tagged, but they’ll instead call BJP as fascist. Unpe hi bol pate hai

4/n Check whom she tagged.
5/n No excuse of old tweet. Apologising for v old tweets as well. This they’ll call as fascism by BJP few years later.
And likes of these people abuse Savarkar and make “sorry” jokes on the person who went through heII.

“SAvArKaR wAS a COwArD loL”

Jab dusri sarkaar ne demonstrate kia ki what’s fascism, tab phat padi. But repeating, they’ll market these incedents in their future acts as if all this was done by BJP. Wahi inki awaz nikal paati hai..
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