I know this is hard for some of y'all to understand but:

I don't like mayo.
I don't like vegan mayo.
I don't like your house sauce whose base is mayo.
I don't like the "low cal" yogurt dressing you crafted to mimic mayo.

This is very hard for a lot of US people to get. /1
Because culturally we are pretty narrowly focused on taste which is chemo-sensory.

What does that mean?

A good example is jello or tofu which mainly taste like what they are flavored with or cooked in. /2
That combination of the texture of the food (plus the smell and a few other things), plus the taste is flavor.

I do not like the taste or flavor of mayo.

I'm sure your mom's mayo concoction tastes better - I won't fight that. But the flavor is no better because of texture /3
I do not like creamy, savory, foods. That flavor combination makes me want to hurl.

And generally, if I'm going to eat a creamy, sweet, food I prefer it cold which reduces our flavor perception. /4
But because we're so focused on taste (super tasters), there's much less discourse around perception of texture in the US (other cultures focus more on it). Part of that is also because it's harder to model texture. /5
So I'm just here to say a lot of us are texture first eaters and don't push people to eat textures that trigger physical revulsion.
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