Alright, Let's play:
-Super public sex
-Size differences
-Obsurd amounts of cum
-Dom/Sub undetones
-Pack Dynamics
Kirishima wasn't surprised he presented the way he had necessarily. He had a huge growth spurt at the beginning of second year, so he kind of suspected he'd be an Alpha. The thing, he didnt expect however- was that he wouldn't be just an Alpha.
His rut had started off standard enough, flares of anger, pacing, destroying toys, scenting the hell out of his room. It was after the rut that had led him to believe he wasn't exactly what you would call standard.
See, Kirishima masturbated a lot before presenting. It was normal! He was a healthy male of course he had urges he had to tend to, and if his friends only masturbated two to three times a day while he had to six or seven, he hadn't really thought anything of it.
Everyone's labido is different.
The thing six to seven isn't cutting it. But no one seems to tell of his consistently growing frustration which is- a good thing. Kirishima thinks. Other Alpha's scent awful when theyre sexually frustrated, angry and damn near feral. But nope.
Kirishima doesnt scent unless he has to- the patches on his neck are mandatory, but not necessary. But he doesn't feel the eneed to tell anyone. He doesnt want to be mad e the exception to the rule after all. That wouldn't be very manly of him.
But trying to jack off in between classes isn't cutting it- his body is almost always trying to knot his hand and but his balls get so full and heavy that they'll sometimes double in size if he doesn't. He's not sure exactly what to do-
jacking off in class would be acceptable, but it's usually for feral Alphas or omega's who need to get some release before being taken care of by a partner or escorted to their room. And everyone's TRYING to pay attention, Kirishima logically can't do it every day.
But try telling his body that.
Kirishima sighs as he leans down farther in his seat. He knows he's supposed to be paying more attention in hero law, but his erection is pressing against his thigh hard trying it's damnedest to knot his pant leg.
" okay dude?" Kaminari whispers turning to look at him over his shoulder. The omegas brows are furrowed and it's only then does Kirishima notice that he's got half the classes eyes on him. There's a rumble coming from his chest that he's not doing intentionally doing.
He sounds pretty pissed, and if he thinks about it to much- he'll know he'll feel much more than his current frustration. Aizawa-sensei is in front of him in a second, eyes glaring harshly at him.

"Kirishima that Alpha shit is un--- oh."
Aizawa turns from him, "Your rut was last week, Take care of that and see Recovery Girl."
Maybe under different circumstances he would have been more gentle, but the frustration is abnormal that he hardens his hands and shreds his pants.

He doesnt have anything to be ashamed of after all.
His cock hangs hard and heavy, a large stream of precum connecting from his tip to just before his knee from where his cock previously lay restrained. He takes a hand to palm his testicles, heavy with cum, roughly the size of grapefruit from his efforts and gives a slow roll.
Fuck he was going to enjoy this.
He lolls his head back slightly onto Koji's desk and he turns his head slightly to the right to look at Bakugo's side profile. He knows the blonde omega isn't interested in being courted- isn't interested in taking his knot- isn't interested in anything vaguely sexual.
Bakugo's dedicated to his cause- and Kirishima respects that. But still, he's right there- and he'd be a fool not to use this opportunity to imagine the Omega trying to sink down on his cock.
Kirishima's knot was half swollen with the constriction of his jeans, but he knows full well his size is intimidating. He's broken every rut toy within a twenty four hour period- and Bakugo though stronger than anyone he knows has such a tiny waist...fuck
His hand begins to pump faster, his hips rocking desperately into his grasp, his other hand leaving his sack to squeeze his knot to it's full size.

He's going to cum so much...pump his omega so full... he can feel his eyes crossing as the pleasure climbs and climbs threatening-
to snap at any moment but choosing the moment when Bakugo's eyes meet his from across the room.
He doesn't so much as blink as his entire body begins to pulsate his relief, limbs twitching as he feels the first hot spurt of release slide over his hand, followed by the next, and another, until it's running down his arm- the side of the chair, and puddling under the floor.
His next breath is shaky, though as he rises to a stand, his legs dont shake. He's filled with a new annoyance now as he stares at the fairly large puddle on the floor, that his balls are still half full- and so much of his virile fluid has been wasted.
He sighs bowing slightly. "I apologize for the mess." before making his way out of the room, ignorant of the shifting bodies around the classroom.
Bakugo was going to kill him. It was the only logical thing to do. He was going to kill the shitty haired Alpha freak of a best friend for the stunt he pulled in class today. He was going to fucking- fucking- blast him back to wherever he came from.
Not only, had the stupid awful idiot, made him so horny he spent the rest of class palming his own erection and trying to slick his chair- but he knew several of the other students- including a couple of stupid ass alphas were doing the same thing.
And Kirishima hadn't even scented anything. He didnt push out desire, dominance, frustration- not a damn thing leaked through his patch. The only thing that scented was his- fucking- release that Bakugo had to grip his desk tight enough he didnt crawl over there and try to lick.
and his cock- god- what he wouldn't do to just try to sit on that for a class period. It would stretch him so good and pump him so full, it's enough to make his eyes roll.

So yeah, Bakugo's going to kill his best friend for making him want him so bad. Seriously-
who gave this Alpha the right to be so much more? To make Bakugo future number one hero want to bend over and bear his pups and take the title of mate over friend.

Fuck him. Asshole.
I mean- it's not like his monster dick or scent control is the ONLY reason Bakugo adores him. Not that he adores him, he doesn't. It's just- he shouldnt make it so hard to ignore his crush. And he shouldn't make it so every extra in the room now is gonna have one too.
So he's going to go down there and be late for next period- and he should be smart and go get himself a plug because he can already tell he's slick enough that his boxers are plastering to his ass- but is he doing that- no*p*e. He's going to fucking recovery girl to yell at his-
-not- alpha.

It isn't until he gets to the door, does he hear recovery girl and Aizawa talking about none other than the Alpha he's looking for.
"I don't think an aid is going to be enough for him." Recovery girl says. "How long do your aids last sonny?"

"I mean- sometimes a day if I dont..expand fully or sheath my entire knot."

Even though Bakugo cant see him, he knows he's rubbing the back of his neck. Cute bastard.
"That's not going to work. I can't believe we have a Cardinal. We haven't seen another once since well...I was his age."

"I still dont understand... i thought a cardinal was a bird."
Bakugo wishes he could mock the idiot- but- he had thought so too- so he presses himself harder against the door in hopes to hear more.
"Have you ever heard of the Cardinal Rule?"


Aizawa sighs, "It means a rule in which a matter hinges."
"Exactly, in the past you see, Cardinals were fundamental to a packs success. They can breed any secondary gender, have complete control of their scents, and have the best protection instincts of any living creature to date."
"That..." Kirishima says slowly. "That kind of explains a lot. Is that why I feel the need know..."


"I was going to say masturbate..."
Katsuki shivers, as he stares at the door. Kirishima could breed any of them? He could fucking breed an Alpha? A beta? Those- those fuckers were all but infertile. So- god what would that mean if he- fuck fuck fuck. He wanted to find out.
"I say we file a petition for someone to warm you."

"Excuse me?"

"She means we'll see if anyone in class wants to sit on your knot for a class. It should help with your need to breed, and prevent you from knotting your jeans and disrupting class."

"I can just-"
"Kirishima- you CANT. Even if you were mated, or dating someone- your sexual appetite would still need to be dealt with in this manner. We cant have you continuously disrupting class. I'll put out forms for your classmates to fill out tomorrow and you can choose from who applied.
It's all of their own free will. and with your control we know you wont claim someone by accident. Relax, you should probably take care of yourself before you head to Present Mics."
Bakugo has just enough time to step behind the door out of Kirishima's sight as he exits the nurses room. He's clearly distracted, but Bakugo uses that to his advantage as he slides in to the room to stare towards Aizawa.
He has slick running down his pant leg and he's sure in another minute, he'll be throwing himself on a cot to finger himself open before he goes to Present Mic's as well- but right now- heavy lidded eyes are turned to the older teachers.
"Give me a form."

If Bakugo doesn't burn the rest before Kirishima sees them it'll be a miracle.
The class isn't surprised when Kiri arrives five minutes late, Present Mic doesnt so much as pause as Kirishima finds his seat. He assumes Mr. Aizawa informed him ahead of time. His teacher really was a good guy.
He felt better, less restless- but somehow still unsettled. His eyes scanned the room only to find Bakugo's seat missing. He feels the hair on his arms stand up as Present Mic's lecture bleeds into the background.
This was the bad thing about being a Cardinal Alpha. He was always aware when someone in his class was missing. He knew all of their scents intimately. He knows how they scent when theyre sad, mad, horny- the walls are to thin and his sense too keen to not know.
Bakugo missing was the worst however. It was like being poked with a hot iron, an urge to get up and run to find him and drag him back to his spot. He should be able to sense Bakugo better than any other person in the school. In the entire world- and yet- he was limited.
He knows it's probably because he's in love with the Omegan Hero to be. It be great to claim him as mate and put these urges to rest. To be able to know the strong Omega was halfway across the city, when the Omega needed him, instead of being left in the dark- like now.
Kirishima thinks he hides it pretty well. He doesnt growl at Bakugo, or demand he stay by his side. He may lean into the Omega more- may encourage him to stick by him as often as possible- but he doesnt do any of that 'Alpha shit.' He keeps all that very much in check.
He leaves the fantasies of sinking sharp teeth into Bakugo's neck for the bedroom. Or the locker room, or like today in Hero Law.
Still, he has some ticks, like tapping his pencil like he's doing now as he stares intently at the door to the classroom. He knows manifestation in this sense isnt real. But he's convinced if he stares hard enough- his best friend will appear.
He almost kind of thinks he's actually done it when Bakugo comes through the front door with a note he drops on the desk as he stomps over to his seat. And fuck does he look good. I mean, he always looks good. But no, he looks disheveled in a way Kirishima has only imagined.
His hair is tussled and slightly damp, he has three new scent patches slapped over his neck, but he cant hide the scent of fresh slick that has Kirishima's eyes dilating. He knows he's not in heat- he knows his schedule to the hour. He knows everyone elses to the day but-
Katsuki's he can smell the exact moment when his scent turns just a touch lighter. He knows it just as well as Katsuki himself, because the omega had soon started to not attend class those days opting not to have to finger himself in his desk chair more than once.
So that only left one option- someone had riled Katsuki up. Someone had made the hardheaded omega slip up during the school day. Someone was going to meet Eijirou's fist.
It was such a conflict of interest- he wanted to be his friend- maybe make light of it. But the urge was to throw him to the floor and fuck him down into it while the entire class watched. He wanted to hiss in his ear about how he could destroy the other alpha- the stupid beta-
-hell even a harmless omega wouldn't be protected from Kirishima's rage. Not for getting his mate this slick. Kirishima would bet he has a plug in with the way Bakugo squirms ever so slightly in his seat. He shouldn't be staring, he shouldn't-
He hasn't listened to one word Present Mic has said, and staring at Katsuki like he's dinner isn't going to gain him any favors with the Omega. He knows better then to scent in here- knows better to scent through the patches which he knows he can easily.
But he's tempted to pulse out some danger towards Katsuki- just a little warning so the Omega knows he's displeased with him. Just a little tiny push to make him squirm in his seat because of Kirishima.
He won't. But he's definitely going to show him what he's missing when they get to training practice. He's going to kick the shit out of everyone he fights today and he's going to make sure his best friends eyes are on HIM.
Maybe they would be when he has some Omega warming his cock in Aizawa's. Maybe Katsuki would feel some of this- this- jealousy.

Still, he cant imagine having an Omega sitting on his cock an entire class period. The point is to not distract class but-
but what if the Omega's l o u d? What if their grades start dropping because they cant keep notes while sitting on his knot? What if- what if he cant keep still, what if he has to abuse their hole with his knot just to drain himself completely?
And doesn't this count as sex? What if they wanted their first time to be with their mate? He...sort of did before he realized he was all but a sexual menace. Maybe...maybe he could have them swallow him instead, Bakugo's hands wrapping around his knot to squeeze while his throat
constricts so tightly around his length...Fuck. not Bakugo. Nameless Omega until farther notice. It's not like Bakugo would even fill out a form. He's watched him scuff at the pairs getting off together after training. He was above all of it. Stronger than all his omegan urges.
Kirishima had just wanted to bend Bakugo over the bench beside the other Alpha and show him that he was the one who would breed the omega for their pack.
He hadn't. Obviously. But he still thinks about doing it almost every day after training.
Katsuki is trembling by the time he gets into the locker room. Stupid Kirishima had spent all of Present Mic's glaring at him, only to be a fucking power house in training. He flipped Shouji like he was made of nothing, and he made sure Bakugo payed attention.
The Alpha would occasionally brush against his arm whenever he walked to the next opponent, and when Todoroki had frozen Eijirous arm with solid ice, the Alpha had simply used his iced appendage to bash Todoroki in the head. It had been more instinctual than strategic-
but then again so had Deku's reaction of lunging towards Kirishima to protect his packmate- the same way it had been pure animalistic rage for him to use the nerd spine as trampoline practice to protect his Alpha's back.
Needless to say, slick was starting to leak around the plug, and his cock was rock hard. He had never masturbated in fucking public since his presentation, and he had no intention to start now-
However, he did have a plan. A statement and a proposition for the Cardinal Alpha. One he had been hoping to do a little more privately, but then again, no time like the present.
Bakugo manages to slide his plug out rather inconspicuously, though the drop of slick on the locker room floor seems loud even to his own ears. He knows it's not noticeable, most of the class in the changing room is aroused- the scent thick and heavy in the air.
There's a tension with everyone being this riled up and no one doing anything- usually someone would be balls deep in someone else, bare minimum thered be mouths on heavy cock easing the taut energy in the room. He wonders if the others somehow know- if through his patches they
can feel the claim he plans to stake. It's not impossible, though it does seem rather unlikely. He's still patched, though, like everyone else, theyre damp and need to be changed.
Kirishima enters then, and Katsuki wonders how long it's been since Kirishima had started becoming the last to enter, and the last to leave. He takes the opportunity to make sure the Alpha's eyes are on him before he slams his locker shut, and suction cups the dildo to the bench.
It's not alone an impressive thing, the dildo isn't even knotted, but the length is extra large and the girth average. It's not, Kirishima by any standard, but an average Alpha sure minus the knot. Without breaking eye contact, Bakugo slowly lowers himself on the toy.
His plan is to show the Alpha that cock warming isn't such a huge deal, and that he's the best suited for the act. His slick walls make the slide easy, and the stretch is immaculate. He hasn't taken a toy since his heat- and theres a part of him that wants to whine his approval.
He bites his lip instead, as he slides down another inch. He's only half way down and there's a fire in his belly with Kirishima's eyes blown wide and his nostrils flared. The entire room is watching him, shocked. Not even the rustle of clothes, just the wet squelch of Bakugo's-
own aroused body. He might actually cum before he reaches the base of the toy and he feels a sense of panic when his body starts to tighten. He forces himself the rest of the way down, a tongue running over his upper lip as he looks away from Kirishima to stare at the bench.
The fake cock protrudes only slightly with the angle, it's very subtle but Bakugo can tell- and he can't help but think with Kirishima inside of him the bulge would be anything but. He does whine at that, and the room begins to move again, others heading out, getting changed-
conversation finally picking back up. Kirishima hasn't moved, and Bakugo doesn't either. Though his cock is drooling precum and turning an even angrier pink at his lack of attention. He's proving a point though, and fuck what his body wants. He's denied himself far more than this
He waits another minute or two, until his body is grinding against the base. He knows he's starting to want a knot, but like hell he'll start whining like a bitch for one in front of these extras. He won't now, and he wont in class.
Bakugo thinks the rockhead of an Alpha has gotten the point though, his lip pulled up in thought, brows furrowed, eyes no less focused. He moves slowly to get off, fighting the urge to sink back down and cum in front of his best friend. He's closer to cumming then he should be-
but what Kirishima doesn't know wont affect his decision.

It's then he feels Kirishima's hand grip his shoulder firmly stopping his ascent off the toy, and pushing him the meager two inches back down. Bakugo pant open mouthed, eyes crossing in confusion as Kirishima growls.
It's a soft sound, but it makes the locker room fall quiet again, the tension in the air shifting once again. Katsuki trembles, the noise alone shouldn't be making him clench against the toy like this- but he can feel himself moments away from spilling all over his stomach.
"It's a poor excuse for my cock Omega." Kirishima says, and Katsukis traitorous body rewards Kirishima's words with more drooling precum from his aching cock. "And you're already about to cum." He runs his tongue over his top lip as he leans in towards Katsuki's space.
"You're so small here Bakugo." Kirishima whispers and Katsuki whines closing his eyes tightly, fingers ghosting across his stomach avoiding his weeping erection to trace the faint outline of the toy.

fuckfuckfuck "Kiri-" he manages.
"Lets show them how sensitive you are." Kirishima says and he pushes with just enough pressure on the toy through Bakugo's abdomen, that he screams- his cock pulsing thick rope after rope onto the Cardinals hand- slick landing heavily on the bench, a few heavy drops running -
down to the floor.

Bakugo's body twitches around the dildo, eyes blurry from coming so hard and still sensitive- and worse needy and desperately craving a knot almost as bad as if he were in heat.

He whimpers helplessly as he tries to ride it out in tiny circular motions as-
the Alpha flexes his hand through his spend- smearing it against his stomach.

"Good Omega." He says his voice sounding abnormally loud in the locker room, as Bakugo tries to control his breathing.
Kirishima pulls back slowly, giving Bakugo breathing room that he doesn't necessarily need, his body still trying to milk the knotless dildo. Time moves strangely as he watches his best friend lick his cum from his own fingers, eyes never leaving Bakugo's twitching frame.
Kirishima's hand is clean before Bakugo can convince his body to slide off the dildo, a rush of slick leaking onto the locker room floor, enough that his face is covered red in embarrassment. He catches stupid Deku gawking before turning and muttering something to halfnhalf.
He can't hear- but he knows the stupid nerd is mocking him, saying something awful about his lack of restraint. He wonders if him and the other extras can tell how bad he just wants to present to his best friend- the only Alpha worthy of taking him as his own.
But Kirishima didn't agree exactly, in fact, he had found reasons to disagree with Katsuki being the best by making him orgasm on a lesser cock. Was this orgasm a rejection? He can feel his embarrassment increase and his anger spike as he glares at Kirishima angrily.
Fuck him then. Let him sink some other stupid extra on his cock. Fuck him. Fuck him. Fuck him. His legs find there strength in his anger as he pulls on boxers and sweats and a black tank, he shuts his locker in anger hoping to say something biting to his traitor best friend-
only to find the space Kirishima previously occupied as empty.

The anger disperses immediately when he realizes only he is left. It is only then does he realize his vision is slightly blurred and he allows the first of several tears to escape.
Bakugo isn't exactly thrilled to be going to lunch, but after slapping on a new scent patch and splashing water on his face- he realized not going would make him look like the rejection had actually hurt him.

Which, it didn't.
Kirishima was his friend first. His best friend, this could be written off as a simple pack thing. Lots of 1A kids behaved in this manner. Bakugo was still above his stupid omegan...needs. He was just unfortunately exposed as to how sensitive he actually was is all.
There's worse things...though he cant think of any at a moment. He sighs scanning the lunchroom. His usual idiots are gathered by the window near the door, though the stupid cardinal alpha is missing. He doesnt see him amongst Deku's losers either.
He's not sure if he's looking for him because he wants to see him, or if he wants to avoid him. He skips getting food and sits down grumpily at the table.

"Hey kaachan" Kaminari chirps and Bakugo kinda wants to hit the other omega. "You were so intense in the lockeroom today."
"Ohhhh gimme them deets!" Mina squeals excitedly. "Blasty NEVER caves to baser instincts."

"I didnt cave to shit." Bakugo growls.

"Nah, he really didnt." Kaminari agrees. "Though, I dont see why you and Kiri didnt just fuck like-"
"Kiri isnt like that" Mina says frowning. "I mean- I know he has that whole stupid Cardinal thing. But like- he wants to mate not fuck right?"

"Can you all shut up about that stupid knot head?" Bakugo growls mood souring. "He'll pick some fucking extra omega and-
be just like the rest of you rutting against each other like fucking animals."

Sero sighs. "It's not that bad man and you know it. Besides it might not hurt you to like- indulge a little more yknow. Maybe he thinks he'd hurt you- your kinda...."

"Sensitive?" Mina offers
as Sero snaps in agreement. "Right? Like I thought maybe it was the lighting and I was imagining shit but when Kiri pushed on your stomach I swear-"

"Oh Kiri would definitely bulge him- and with a knot like his? Oh i'd bet money Bakubro look preggo."
"Okay but how prego?" Mina says "Because i'll take this bet."

"Like, four months- easy." Kami says confidently.

"I say he'd just be bloated- like he ate to much?"

"Well I think-"
"SHUT UP!" Bakugo screams palms smoking and ears red. He's embarrassed, and angry but more than that he's starting to get turned on again just thinking about Kirishima filling him in that way, breeding him among their class, their pack. He likes the idea of it.
But what does it matter? Kirishima's not going to pick him. He's going to get to watch the stupid jerk do it to someone else. Maybe enjoy them enough to fucking claim them- get that stupid mate he desires. Someone less sensitive or more manly than himself.
Bakugo slumps back down as the others take the cue to finally, blessidly, fuck off all. But who the fuck is more manly than him? Kirishima always boasted about how strong he was. He was going to be number one! Why shouldn't he succeed here too?
Katsuki just needs to size up the competition. He can show Kirishima a stupid knot wont break him. He'll even show them that it won't fuck with their friendship, the next time he sees that Alpha he'll show him how unfuckingbothered he is. He'll show him, he's not going down-
not without a fight.
It's the first time since presenting that Kirishima isn't the last to leave the locker room. He likes to make sure his pack, the entirety of classA is out before he makes his exit. But Bakugo's display had been to much for the Cardinal.
He was supposed to have impeccable control, but after Bakugo's manly display- he's more than a little sexually frustrated. He wanted to have the omega right there, bent of the locker room bleacher crying on his knot.
Kirishima was certain he could overwhelm the prideful Omega. He'd overwhelm him with pleasure to the point of tears. He's not an idiot- he understands what Bakugo was trying to prove- that warming his cock wasnt a huge deal.
Bakugo had all but said he could do it, no question asked.
But Kirishima wasn't so sure if he could, wasnt so sure if he could not bounce the omega until he was a drooling whimpering mess. That faux cock was nothing on his- and Bakugo should have known better, but Kirishima was more than willing to show him.
If the blonde had been serious enough to fill out a form anyway.
Kirishima ends up knotting his hand for a second time after the locker room instance in the hallway on the way to lunch. It had at least been near the janitors closet and was a relatively convenient clean up. Still, he cant seem to find relief.
He huffs through his nose as he walks into the lunchroom, eyes narrowing in on Bakugo instantly. The blonde hasnt bothered to feed himself, and that irritates Eijirou even more as he moves towards the line. It's annoying usually, but it feels even more primal today. Raw.
Bakugo not eating is bad for a long list of reasons- he won't be as strong, and it lowers the packs strength dramatically if he's weak from hunger. That coupled with the fact its harsh on his body should he be with pups or even want to be with pups.
An Omega's metabolism is vicious. There is absolutely no benefit from whatever has pissed him off in the amount of time Kirishima's been absent. But at least its an easy fix. He seriously doubts the blonde will tell him no. Fuck off maybe, but he'll eat regardless.
Katsuki isn't stupid.
The air is a tad taut when Kirishima sits down next to Bakugo. He hands him an orange with a pointed look, Bakugo looks ready to reject before grumbling something about stupid Cardinals, before peeling the fruit angrily.

The blonde does everything aggressively.
It makes his heart soar. It's small moments like this that makes Eijiro want to confess that he's in love with him. He wont- not when there's to much to risk and things are already unstable enough between them. But, after today, he thinks there might actually be a time he can.
"So Kiri" Mina says, elbows clanking on the table as she leans forward a little. "Have you looked at your list of suitors from Aizawa? He was looking for you just a second ago."

Kirishima frowns, turning towards Bakugo instinctively.
"Yeah." Bakugo grumbles plopping an orange slice into his mouth. "Whole stack of fuckin' papers."
Kirishima sighs passing his tray to Bakugo. "Eat." He says firmly before slipping back out of the cafeteria to go find their teacher.

It's not he finds the issue pressing, and yes, leaving sensei waiting would be unmanly, but he needs to see if among the papers there's one with
-Bakugo's name.

It's all he needs to know. He won't be able to court him before tomorrow of course- but he can man up and tell him he has intentions to before he sets the fiery omega on his cock.
He finds the packs sensei curled up in sleeping bag behind his desk. Kirishima's probably sure he's one of the only students to know their sensei is actually an omega too. Mr. Aizawa's scent blockers are top of the line- and very discreet. He easily passes for a beta.
It makes him frown as he stares down at the older man. He respects him, but his alpha is not pleased with the way he takes care of himself- in the way that he doesn't He should find him a mate, maybe Vlad or Fat. At least someone to force the stubborn omega to sleep regularly.
"Sensei." Kirishima whispers, nudging his padded shoulder gently.

Aizawas dark hair pillows out of the sleeping bag, and he blinks blurrily through his bangs at Kirishima. "Desk." He says softly, closing his eyes again.
"Y'know sensei, the pack said I had just missed you. If you're asleep already you aren't taking care of yourself properly."

"Thanks for the concern Cardinal." Aizawa grumbles shifting over. "Let me sleep."
And Kirishima assumes that's good enough for now as he begins to go through the desk until he finds the papers clipped with a red paperclip. It's...thicker than he thought, and he frowns as he lifts it up. Surely not that many people were interested in this were they?
The one at the top is Momo which has Kirishima squinting down at the paper in shock. That didnt' seem right, but as he skimmed the document he saw it was more of a 'compatibility practice for breeding superior genes.' It sounded like something maybe shed be asked to do.
Families suck. Kirishima frowned. Pack is so much better than family.

A few others of his classmates were there, Denkz and Mina had offered, which wasn't surprising.

"Intimacy without the commitment!" Kami had written with a winky face.
"Tamaki-senpai?" Eijiro said turning towards Aizawa, the older omega groaning in annoyance. "We granted him the option due to the fact you work well together and he expressed interest in helping you if you wanted it."

"Thought he was with Mirio." Eijiro mumbled.
The last and final paper however, was none other then the name he'd been looking for. Bakugo had filled out the details neatly, but in the farther comments had only wrote:

"Bring it on Riot."
Fuck he was going to destroy him.
"Sensei, I want Bakugo to warm me."

The omega doesn't say anything long enough for Kirishima to think he's fallen asleep before he hears a soft but firm, "Do you think you can keep him quiet?"

"I'll gag him." Kirishima says reflexively.
"His explosions?"

"I'll harden."

"If he destroys-"

"He wont. He can handle it."
"Dont make me regret it." Aizawa mutters. "Go on...I have 25 mins before we have the last class of the day. Let me have them in peace."

Kirishima nods happily, bounding out of the room to go find his best friend and tell him that one day, no matter what, Bakugo will be his.
He can't believe the stupid bastard had told him to eat like that, he wants to spite the Alpha on principle- but finds himself unable to. It wasn't a command- but there was a tension there that let everyone know it would be should he choose to disobey.
So Katsuki eats with a death glare, and fucking hates that Ei picked mostly things he would actually enjoy. Stupid considerate fucking Alpha. He knows Ei would feed any of them should any of the class try to skip out on food. It's in his nature to be caring.
Yet, that same level of rawness wasnt there when he talked to the others. Bakugo can't help but wonder if made his stupid Cardinal self can see something in his Omega. Something deeper and more feral than feelings and roles.
Logically, Katsuki knows Ei should pick him. Katsuki would pick Ei a hundred times over, they always do. So why wouldnt they here to? Or are both of them going to stay forever in this limbo- nudging at this thing between them hoping one of them snaps and it breaks.
For better or worse Katsuki isn't sure. The stack of papers had grown since he had submitted his and fucked himself open in the nurses office. But...that shouldn't matter right?
He hates being unsure, and when the lunch bell rings to dismiss them is when the stupid Alpha in his thoughts comes stumbling in with a wide grin on his face. Bakugo goes to move, but he hasn't finished his food and so he just glares at his tray as those around him begin to stand
Eijiro bounds over to him before turning to glance down at his tray, and back up to Bakugo. His gaze shifts from happy, to something intense enough for a shudder to work its way up Bakugo's arm.

"I chose you." Kirishima says cooly. "And you cant even finish your food?"
Bakugo has never felt his brain actually stutter before this moment. He stares at the Alpha slack jawed his gaze falling back to the tray. There's less than half less, and Kirishima had packed it substantially since the stupid shitty hair was supposed to be eating too.
He swallows down the lump in his throat torn between being defiant and finishing the food. Kirishima chose him, he should just finish right? It's a small submission- hardly anything he hasn't asked of him before-
but the sternness of Kirishima's tone has his cock filling out far to quickly, and he shoves a piece of meat in his mouth to keep himself from biting out.

Kirishima's smirks then, and it looks like it fits there.
He should always be this confident, Bakugo thinks up until Kirishima grips his thigh, squeezing firmly.

"That's a good boy. You're going to keep chewing and listen okay?"
Bakugo almost chokes, eyes expanding as he forces himself to keep chewing the obnoxiously sized portion of food in his mouth.

"Good." Kirishima praises again, and this time Bakugo fully shudders. "I have every intention to court you, Bakugo. I ...I like you."
"But there's no time for that. Tomorrow you're supposed to be sitting on my cock milking my knot like a good omega sleeve."

Bakugo swallows, a small gasp before Kirishima is there to shove another peice of pork into his mouth.
His legs are trembling and he can feel himself very slowly, starting to get slick. He continues to chew, as Kirishima begins to stroke up and down his thigh- never touching near where he wants him to.

"If you arent interested in being my mate...
...I'll hear your rejection then. But for tomorrow, if you want to warm me tomorrow- I need to make sure you can do as youre supposed to."

Katsuki shudders barely suppressing a whimper even with all the food in his mouth, He can feel slick trickling down his taint -
as his cock throbs. He manages to swallow, and this time Kirishima has no food to keep his silence.

"What do you want shitty hair?" He whispers breathless, eyes blown wide.
Kirishima bites his lip, eyes raking over the omega. "When class is over, we are going to go back to your room, and I'm going to watch you take a knotted heat aid properly while i jerk off. We'll see if you manage any better than in the locker room."
Bakugo's breath hitches, and he wants to pull his shorts down and take his own cock in hand. Fuck. It shouldnt be so hot, it was a simple task- why the actual fuck was he feeling so desperate.

"You know if you cant keep yourself still, there's no way you'll manage quiet."
"Our entire pack will hear you whining on my fat knot. The omega whose never once lost control is going to lose it warming a cock. But I much rather show them how well you can handle being bred over the desk when you agree to be my mate. Guess we'll see how you do."
The heat coiling in his gut is growing stronger and he doesn't want Kirishima to stop, but has no idea how to make him keep going. He shifts in his seat, his balls are even slick now with how much he's leaking.
Katsuki turns his head up to the ceiling to find focus behind artificial lights as his hands clench and unclench at his sides. There's no one in here besides them now, the bell long since sounding. They're late. They should stop but....Bakugo is so close to fucking his own fist.
So close to begging this shitty Cardinal to just fill him up here. Mate him, here, mate him, now. But he won't. He knows nows not the time, he's better then this. Kirishima has to work for it- he has to-
"Do a few words of candor really get you that wet Katsuki?"

Katsuki didnt even know he knew a word like candor, but the thoughts smacked away by the sound of his name on Kirishima's lips.
"Again." Katsuki hisses, no longer able to help it, stuffing a hand into his shorts and wrapping around his leaking erection. It'll take moments to build the pressure to it's tipping point. He's going to embarrass himself but he does't even care as he squeezes his eyes shut.
Kirishima's grabs him by the wrist and removes Bakugo's hand from his shorts with a grin. Katsuki growls bearing his teeth at the Alpha. "I dont think you need it K a t s u k i." Kirishima says against his ear, tracing his teeth against the shell of it.
"See, I think you've done the worst thing for yourself as an Omega. Only giving your body a knot when you're in heat. It's left you touch-starved and over sensitive."

Bakugo swallows, as Kirishima picks him up and places him his lap.
Katsuki can feel the swell of the cock beneath him, firm against the wet heat of his hole. His eyes roll back in his head and he moves to shift, but Kirishima grips his hips firm to stop any movement.

"I bet the pressure alone, and a few words is enough for you."
"F-fuck you." Bakugo mutters, but he can already feel his balls drawing up. Kirishima's right. He is over-sensitive, and he's weak to Eijiro and his words. His tongue runs over his lip, hands letting off weak explosions at their side.

Kirishima laughs darkly in his ear.
"How is someone leaking so much they're getting MY shorts wet still have the ability to be so rude? We are going to have to miss our final period because of how messy you are-
May as well finish ruining your shorts. Or should I leave you like this, soaked and unsatisfied to sit through math?"

Bakugo's breath hammers out of him, his vision blurring. He's actually going to cum!

"Kiri- I-"

"Eijiro." Kirishima corrects. "Alpha. if you prefer."
"Ei- fuck- ei-" Bakugo whimpers hips attempting to jump against Kirishima's grip. "Close."

"Oh are we?" Kirishima says scraping sharp teeth along the edge of his scent patch teasingly. The patch is damp unable to suppress Katsukis arousal.
"What happens if I take my hands off your hip Kat? What are you going to do if I choose to ruin your orgasm? Maybe I should deny you the same way you've been denying yourself? You want that?" Kirishimas voice is raspier, his breathing a little heavier as his cock grows firmer-
heavier against Katsuki's ass.

"N-no. Kir-Ei-Fuck. L-let me."

His hands smoke and detonate in rapid succession as he tries to grind down firmly against the Alpha's pulsating cock. He can feel his slick running down his leg, and he know's it's slowly accumulating on the floor
"Let you? I think you can do better than that omega." Kiri hisses, fingers hardening against his hips as Katsuki's attempt at writhing becomes desperate. There's drool running down Katsuki's mouth, just a little on one side as he tries and fails to suppress a whine.
"I was looking for more a please." Eijirou says with a dark chuckle, a hand leaving a hip to pinch an erect nipple, and Katsuki straight out screams as his body trembles and threatens to fall over the edge, only to be stopped by Ei's other hand gripping him tight.
Katsuki wishes he could be livid as his vision blurs with unshed tears, mouth open on a scream that isnt as silent as he had hoped.

The alpha merely nips around his scent patch possessively, never daring to pull it off.
"Maybe next time you'll use manners, and be a good omega yeah?" Eijiro mutters, lips coming to kiss his jaw and lick away a fallen tear.

"Alpha" Katsuki groans helplessly, voice cracking on holding back desperation. "T-touch me."
"Oh but I am." Kirishima says. "I have a hand on your cock, and the other on your chest. I have to say, I knew you'd be sensitive there. Your tits are so big Katsu- you'll breed so nicely you know that dont you?"

Katsuki pants, shifting against the monster in Kiris pants-
-now that he finally can. He doesn't bother to argue that the Alpha is hindering his release instead of giving him what he wants. Eijiro the asshole, knows what he's doing.

If he were any other Alpha- Katsuki be planted firmly on his cock already. But he isnt.
Ei's control is incomparable. Fucker isn't even scenting anything- and Katsuki knows his scent patches are just for show at this point.

"Ta--take them off?" He doesnt mean for it to sound like a question, but he can hear the lilt in his voice that isnt usually there.
The Alpha pauses at that, and though Katsuki can't see his face, he knows his brow is furrowed.

"Patches." Katsuki says through his nose as Ei removes his hand from his cock and tightens on his hip certain the omegas orgasm is no long upon him.
There's a pause that feels tangible as Katsuki swallows.

Kirishima growls deep in his chest at that, forehead digging into Katsuki's shoulder. "Fuck Kat- I won't bite you, but I'll end up knotting MY shorts sucking on your glands like I want to."
The next please comes much easier.
Ei's growl deepens and Kat feels the catch of teeth as he rips the patch off with his teeth before spitting the material to the side to flutter among his slick.

It's immediate the way Kirishima lays his tongue over the gland, before his mouth covers it to suck greedily.
The pleasure zings up his spine hard at the contact of Kirishimas mouth along his neck, and the pressure of his growing knot at his hole, seperated by meager material.

His frame is shaking- the feeling up emptiness all consuming at the feel of the half formed knot.
Kirishima doesn't seem to notice how close Bakugo is as he tugs on his nipple roughly, fingers hungrily groping his pec as the other keeps his grinding to a minimal.

"Taste so good omega. All I can scent right now is your slick."
Katsuki can feel his balls dragging up, heavy from there previous denial, wet from his slick, and theres tears in his eyes as he throws his head back all while leaning into Kirishima's mouth.

He feels the tears start again along with a desire for approval.
"Alpha...Ei...Ei...please please please please."
"Yeah." Eijiro manages, panting. "Cum Katsuki, you can do it. Such a good boy."

The praise is what does it, Katsuki's body twitching erratically, just as he feels Ei's knot expand rapidly under him.
His cock jerks hard in his shorts as cum joins his slick, and he can feel Ei's knot pulsing against his rim through their ruined clothing as hot wave of cum hits the back of him over and over again.

Katsuki's body is still trembling long after his orgasm subsides-
his body needs the knot inside of him, the cum being wasted is unsettling to any omega- but to feel it pushing against him so hotly as Kirishima pumps what feels like gallons of cums against him makes him sob with emptiness.

"Ei---" He sobs.
"Such a good omega." Kiri is quick to reassure, kissing the spot behind his ear, even though his words seem to becoming from behind grit teeth.

"Look at the floor." He growls, and Katuski does with out hesitation. The amount of slick and cum is ungodly.
He's not sure if he wants to scent himself in it, or cry about the loss of all the virle Alpha cum that's somehow still going fairly steadily, the in less violent bursts now.

"Gonna put that all in you tomorrow."
"Fuck!" Katsuki says harshly jerking his head down to the table, but keeping his ass firmly planted against the Alpha. "FUCKFUCKFUCK"

He's aware he looks like he's half assed presenting, and it's because he's t h i s fucking close to abandoning his pride.
Eijiro seems to get control of himself as his knot finally shrinks down, though somehow, even after all of that at, the Cardinal still seems on edge.
"You're dangerous like this Katsuki, even after all that, I still wanna shove you to your knees and have you present properly in our filth. Make you lick your slick and my cum off the floor. Make you full and fat with it. "
He looks like he considers it before shaking his head and setting Katsuki off of him and to the side. Their pants cling to them and Eijiro sighs brushing loose hair from Katsuki's vision, thumb wiping spit from his jaw.
"I'll get our notes from math. I know you'll want them later. Take the time you need and I'll see you in your room in one hour." He pauses, clearly considering something, before furrowing his brow and deciding against it. "Dont be late."
//I'm torn between warning you or not here, though idk what to call whats getting ready to happen. But. Katsukis going to get messy. Real messy. Messier. He goes feral for a minute. So like if that scares you and doesn't turn you on- like go away now.//
Katsuki is unsure how to continue as he stares at the table, his entire body feels like a live wire nerve and the person responsible and capable of fixing it just left him. He cant inhale without smelling Kirishima's fluids and the slick that is still trickling out of him.
His cock isn't quite hard- but it isn't soft either, and the shorts are absolutely offensive at this point, stuck to his skin, drenched and leaving nothing to the imagination. He knows he needs to clean this up- there's a utility closet just across the room.
Logically Katsuki knows his Alpha is going to see him take a knot successfully, but Bakugo is no longer positive it will be quietly. He aches, and his first orgasm as great as it was has left him aching and wanting worse than being in heat.
It only takes a moment more before Katsuki realizes he isn't going to make it to his room to take that knot. He isn't going to be able to make it this empty, across campus and up the stairs to his nest.
His eyes cross as he sinks to the floor, one hand already tugging his waistband down. His knees slip among the mess as he manages to kick his shorts down his legs. It's a puddle, and Katsuki is drowning in the scent of their mating.
The logical part that knows they havent actually mated is slowly fading with every inhale of their mixed fluids as Katsuki slicks his hand in the mess across the floor and inhales sharply, eyes dilating until there is only the faintest smallest tint of red left.
He slinks down lower, the thick texture of their fluids slip through his fingers, and up his arm until his pecs and abdomen glide through the cum and slick, his ass still high as if presenting for an Alpha. Katsuki groans, tongue lolling out for his first taste.
His Alpha's cum is still warm, and his omega slick is so sweet. The taste is like warm gooey sugar but with just enough salt and man that it isnt overwhelming. He's so empty, and he finds his right hand curling behind his back to insert to fingers into where he needs it most.
His right forearm is barely holding himself up as he scoops a handful of dripping fluid and shoveling it into his mouth as he immediately starts pounding his ass with two, and then three fingers, eyes crossed. His hole is clenching on each digit-
desperate and rhythmical from being empty and teased so long.

"Alpha" Katsuki slurs his cock twitching as he cums amidst the already copious fluid. "Gotta be full. Cant waste it."
He's delirious with want, running on primitive Omegan instincts to be heavy and full for his Alpha. The movements are canine in nature, mouth twisting around each handful of cum and slick, the excess fluid running down his chin as a fourth finger gets added.
He has no concept of time as he rocks his body against the floor and onto four fingers that at some point during his feasting had become a fist. He's sobbing down, tears running down his face as he keeps shoving more down his throat- his stomach cramps slightly-
and Katsuki vaguely recognizes it as fullness, as he continues to slam back onto his fist, bleary eyes coming to view his slightly bloated abdomen. He looks like he over ate, like one would on around Christmas time perhaps, or after a large feast-
bloated just enough to have to loosen your pants. Except Katsuki isnt wearing any pants- and there's still so much more to go.
A particularly hard thrust on his prostate causes slick to squelch down his wrist and his poor flagging erection to dribble a weak splash of cum, over stimulation shaking his frame now and he swallows around another and another mouthful of fluid.
His Cardinal will be so pleased, he ate all his food, he smells just like their mating- he's so good and wet and god even his fist is weak compared to his Alpha's thick fat knot. He whines but it's garbled by another swallow of thick slick and lukewarm cum.
His next orgasm is dry and knocks him onto his side, as he slowly removes his cramping wrist and flexes his fingers, as he moans, the first thought of clarity dousing him in almost forty minutes.
Katsuki groans weakly, the floor beneath him is no more than a thin line of their mating, the vast majority now clings to Katsuki's pecs, hair, skin, and, his very swollen stomach.
He can't move yet, but he can feel the fluid sloshing inside. He's afraid to touch his the skin now stretched taut over the fluid he greedily shoved inside him, afraid that'll he'll end up disobeying his Alpha and having to fuck himself again.
Katsuki cant trust himself not to go back into a feral state as long as he smells like this, though his swollen abdomen tames the urge to be knotted- his brain successfully having told its instincts he didn't waste his Alphas cum.
As Katsuki fights the edge of feral trying to breath clean air into his lungs it occurs to him, he has no idea what time it is exactly. He could have been standing Eijiro up right at that moment, and the thought has him jerking up from under the table and smacking his head on it.
He groans, ducking and slipping out from underneath to see he has less than twenty minutes to get to his dorm. He goes to run, but he has enough rational returning to realize he rather put on wet pants then expose himself to everyone.
The rational that his pants squeeze his expanded stomach doesnt come until he already has cum soaked boxers back on. He's not weak, but the pressure makes him whine as the second thought occurs to him, that he's going to have to face Eijirou like this.
He doesn't have time to shower. Will Ei be proud he scented himself in their mating? Will he be impressed by his omegas size? Or dissapointed he didnt prep his nest for him? That he was late? What if he wasn't a good boy? Would Ei decide not to court him after if he was bad?
Bakugo doesn't consider himself an anxious person. He's always been so confident in his ability to rise to the top that here shouldn't be any question either- he strives to be the best in everything.
Yet somehow the questions in his head, make him hesitate. He's not...very good with the emotional element of things. His compliments have insults attached at the end. He cant tell Deku good job without calling him a nerd. He rarely encourages Kirishima without calling him shitty.
He hadn't even told the Cardinal he liked him back! Granted, Kirishima HAD said he'd hear his answer when he went to court him. But..but what if he took this as Katsuki rejecting him? Because he decided to act like a freaking...freaking animal instead of a good significant other.
Maybe he made the wrong choice after all. Katsuki rarely made decisions based on feelings, instincts. His decisions were LOGICAL, and now he may have made a horrific mistake. The omegan part of him doesnt feel like it was a mistake. His body feels relaxed in a way his mind doesnt
Katsuki breathes as he takes off down the corridor and out into the courtyard. His form is off and running like this is uncomfortable, embarrassment coloring his neck red. As soon as he's out of the building his palms detonate and he takes to the sky-
it isn't allowed- but it's the fastest way back to the dorms with the least likely risk of anyone seeing him like this. All he has to do is get into his nest- he'll deal with everything else then.
Bakugo enters through his balcony window- grateful he didnt have to break it. His palms hurt though, he doesnt imagine that they should from just crossing the campus. He frowns shutting his window and rubbing the inside of his palm as he stares towards the wall that separates-
his room from the Cardinals. Does he go over there? Is he late? By the look on his clock he's only late by three minutes. It doesn't give him enough time however to prepare himself or anything else. He takes a shuddering breath as he can feel his scent sour.
He's messing this all up. Kirishima will pick someone else. Maybe not someone more manly, but someone who listens better. Someone who isnt such a sensitive impulsive omega. Anger bristles through his form overwhelming the hurt and he throws a fist into his wall, pulling back red
The knock on the door happens before he's even pulled his arm back to his side.

"GO AWAY!" He bites out, there's no tremble in his voice- even though his arm is shaking.
There's a pause that feels tangible, though he knows the Cardinal on the other side of the door hasn't left.

"If you dont want to do this Kat, it's okay."

And the words hurt, because it's the opposite of what Katsuki wants. He just...doesn't want to be in control of this.
He wants his mind to stop.

"F-fuck you." That comes out weaker than intended but the bites still there. He breathes through his nose just as Kirishima opens the door, his brain totally stalling on the fact he hadn't bothered to lock it.
Embarrassment keeps him still, as Kirishima closes the door- eyes scanning his form from the cum drying on his clothing, to the blood on his knuckles, to the swell of his stomach. Katsuki isn't sure what to do, or what to hide, so he stands there-
angry tears beginning to prick in the corner of his eyes.

"Since when does fuck you mean come in?" he mutters under his breath, eyes to the floor- unable to look at the Cardinal to see if he is disgusted or pleased.
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