✨Greatest Mysteries (❓) of the Waanjai World✨
*cue dramatic mystery/thriller background music*
#MewGulf #หวานใจมิวกลัฟ
Mystery #1: Mew's reason for sulking.
This one's a famous story for MewGulf and waanjais, but up until the present we still have no idea on WHY did Mew sulked that time, and apparently, Gulf doesn't have a clue too. 😂
Mystery #2: Another what's the reason? Just why are they sulking at each other during this time? 👀 Yes, they managed to make up just before filming the nc scene and ended up talking non-stop the whole way back. But the thing is, we still have no idea WHY.
Mystery #3: Mew tweeted a song cover with only a black screen showing on his birthday, after Gulf's surprise (Feb. 21, 2020)
Is Gulf with him during this? Was he on the bed with Mew? Did Gulf slept at Mew's place that night? We're there an extra breathing?
Mew: tweeted this the next morning.
Gulf: "I slept at home. My home" when asked if he slept over.
Waanjais: Confused as f*ck 🤡
Mystery #4: Mew suddenly tweeted this pic after they're both MIA for 1-2 days (03/19/2020)
Just what is this picture for? Where were they? Is this for work or vacation? Are they topless below?! So many questions, none answered 😫
Mystery #5: When Mew tweeted about feeling tired.
The next day we learned mew was sulking, yet later picked gulf up, had a car & dinner date, and apparently, they made up. So we were sleepless, on cloud nine, and still had no idea why they fought that time.
Mystery #6: So did they kissed or not?! I really believe they did based on Mew's reactions and Gulf's reddening face, but let's just leave this as something some of us will forever wonder about.
Mystery #7: Mosquito? Mewsquito?? Or is it some kind of unidentifiable enigma that can freely come and go. WHAT WAS IT REALLY?
Mystery #8: So, who's house is this Mew Suppasit? Because let's be real here, that green background and picture frames looks so f*cking familiar.
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