Allow me to pontificate

@jeffsessions may not win this election against Tommy Tubby

This may have been the plan all along

It is possible that Sessions ran in this race for one reason: to allow @potus to criticize him and portray separation between @potus and Sessions to
provide cover for Sessions’ next role.

Undoubtedly Sessions will be a major witness in the future Senate hearings involving the Deep State coup as well as any type of impeachment trial involving one Barrack Hussein Obama.

If Sessions is a Senator and a witness as to his
role as AG in the initial stages of the Deep State coup against the new Trump presidency, he would have to abstain from acting in his Senatorial capacity as a trier of fact during any impeachment hearings or other hearings involving actions he took while he was AG
His most important role is yet to come: witness as to actions he took as AG while Hussein and Dems were engaging in coup against @realDonaldTrump. Let’s see how it plays it out
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