Cop posted @ me re #QualifiedImmunity
"No guarantee of indemnification. Cops will become paid observers or be sued for every action they take. Seems that’s what u want & u deserve to live in the world u make. just doesn't seem fair to make everyone else suffer."
THREAD... 1/11
Although indemnification isn’t guaranteed it’s rarely ever denied. A recent study showed governments paid approximately 99.98% of the dollars that plaintiffs recovered in lawsuits alleging civil rights violations by law enforcement. 2/11
When it’s not paid out, it’s usually because extremely outrageous misconduct. Frankly, officers who engage in that type of misconduct deserve to not be indemnified. 3/11
I want to live in a world where police are not abused by police or even worse, killed by police. 5/11
I want to live in a world where police don’t strip search people in public for no reason and then benefit from qualified immunity… 7/11
I want to live in a world where cops who steal a quarter million dollars don’t escape liability because of qualified immunity… 8/11
Even if qualified immunity was eliminated officers would still have defense if conduct was reasonable under law. The current reforms don’t even eliminate QI but balances it out to be more fair for victims and survivors of police violence have a shot at holding police liable. 9/11
I’m dismayed that officers would rather mislead the public about the consequences of limiting qualified immunity (losing homes), and threaten a work stoppage and an impending “deluge” of violence in the face of the public’s demand for greater accountability. 10/11
Who knew we would realize police abolition through police abandoning their responsibilities because of demands for greater accountability. 11/11
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