Remember, Democrats are determined to keep their own blue states LOCKED DOWN to the election in November to drive a big push for mail-in voting.

HUGE SPIKES in positive COVID cases in TX and FL **helps** people like Gavin Newsom make the case for locking back down.
And now 30+ labs in FL are found to have NOT had their COVID positive test #'s reported accurately. It appears somebody at the state level cooked the numbers.

A lab that reported only 7% new positive test cases ended up having that # changed to 76%, etc.
So the question is...who cooked the FL COVID #'s?

You can bet @GovRonDeSantis will go BALLISTIC when he finds out the big spike in positive cases in his state, for which Cuomo & other were loudly criticizing him, was due to somebody monkeying with the numbers.
Cuomo and Democrats pushing lockdowns have been screaming at @GovRonDeSantis & @GregAbbott_TX for over TWO WEEKS NOW for large spikes in COVID cases in FL & TX that **never made any sense** and NOW it's looks as if these big spikes may not have been REAL in the first place!
How in the world does this happen?

How much of the COVID positive testing hysteria for the past 2 weeks was a mirage somebody cooked up by faking the #'s?

h/t to @bucksafe1 for the screenshots
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