Hey y'all! I'll be livetweeting #Irvine City Council's discussion on #CommunityChoiceEnergy (Item 4.1) tonight, which should begin soon after closed session.

You can watch the livestream here. http://legacy.cityofirvine.org/cityhall/citymanager/pio/ictv/live/default.asp
City Council reconvenes at 5:06PM
@melissajoifox leads Pledge of Allegiance
Pastor Wynan from Woodbrige Community Church opens with prayer
The Agenda item order has been changed to prioritize the number of comments on Item 4.1 CCE and 4.4.

Item 3.2 has been moved to August.
Item 4.3 has
Item 4.2 COVID Update
Item 4.4 Repeal sections from Municipal Code
Item 3.1
Consent Calendar passes with exception of 2.1, 2.3, 2.4, 2.6

2.1 Minutes.
2.3 1-NIMBY comment, and 1-YIMBY comment.
2.4 Public safety contract relating to COVID. 1-Comment against COVID testing, encouraging volunteers to perform testing.
2.6 Comment for Shea.
Item 4.2 on COVID testing is presenting some tough information to swallow, but Irvine has the lowest rate of positive cases per capita compared to other OC Cities.
Item 4.4 on Repeal and Remove Sec 3-5-501 thru 503 from the City's Municipal Code regarding LGBTQ discrimination. Motion by @melissajoifox. Second by @FarrahNK

Item 3.1 Appeal of Planning Commission. This Agenda order is chaotic. Not sure how this item is more important than the other items.
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