*THREAD* on threats to Prime Minister of Canada ( @CanadianPM): 2010-2015 for PM Harper ( @stephenharper) & 2015-2020 for PM Trudeau ( @JustinTrudeau). *I only went with charges laid. Suspects plead/found Guilty, some were Acquitted/Not Guilty. I probably missed 1, sorry in advance.
I found that PM Harper was also accused of selling out Canada, treason etc. & I actually wanted to switch out "Harper" for "Trudeau" in that last paragraph because how it read the exact same way. :p

Here's the 2012 petition: https://www.change.org/p/rcmp-commissioner-bob-paulson-arrest-and-charge-stephen-harper-for-treason
NOW for Trudeau ... pretty much TWICE the threats than Harper. Hoo boy! :p

"As far as I am aware, the first call to kill Justin Trudeau came on October 23, four days after the 2015 election." https://thewalrus.ca/wanting-justin-trudeau-dead/
Feb. 2018:

A 41-year-old Edmonton man is facing a criminal charge after the RCMP tracked a social media account used to post threatening messages against members of the Canadian government, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. https://edmontonjournal.com/news/local-news/edmonton-man-charged-with-making-threats-against-justin-trudeau
*END of Thread.* Like I said, I'm pretty sure I missed one & any shoddy double-checking is mine & mine alone but I'm doing this juggling house work + kids + 1000 other tabs I have open for research/work!

ProTip: don't kill the PM. :p
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