A FB commenter called me a traitor and demanded I leave *his* country. SPOILER: My family and I have as much title to this land as he does. We paid the deed in blood.
The claim of white supremacy has always been intriguing to me. For them, there is no giving, no standard we could reach that would afford us equal standing, equal protection under the very Constitution they claim to hold so dear.
If I speak boldly or even kneel silently to press for fundamental fairness, the *I* must be a traitor. What they really mean is that I must honor their warped sense of supremacy.
I can trace my ancestry to this nation’s founding. Mine were both steering and stacked in the bowels of the boats. Merchants, farmers, slaves, preachers, soldiers, politicians and others.
Confronted with their own history of plunder, malice and destruction, their answer is that I am unworthy because my ancestry includes the Black and Brown masses.
If anyone has betrayed this land, this promise of liberty, it is thee.
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