WHY are they doing this?

We are in #ColdWarII

#STOPUigurMuslimGenocide 🧿 https://twitter.com/maajidnawaz/status/1280966277343981568
HOW are they doing this?

Among many ways, through organ harvesting & the global human trafficking of slaves & their body parts.

Yes, you read that correctly. See thread:

#STOPUigurMuslimGenocide 🧿 https://twitter.com/maajidnawaz/status/1282613398849622017
WHO is helping them?

We are.

Our countries turned a blind eye, for globalised supply chains, cheap labour & maximum greed.

Our establishment is at risk of being politically, morally & economically compromised by the CCP: https://twitter.com/maajidnawaz/status/1280966309241663491
Is it only us? No.

For shame, these Muslim-majority countries supported the CCP’s measures recently: https://twitter.com/maajidnawaz/status/1281538295625912320
HOW can you help?


i) UK @Conservatives supporters, this one is on you https://twitter.com/maajidnawaz/status/1282613455804076033
UK @Conservatives, lobby the party to:

1) explicitly distance itself from Cameron & Osborne’s links to CCP’s UK Comintern Group 48
2) Tories should recognise Uigur genocide
3) pass UK Magnitsky sanctions on CCP
4) disclose any CCP linked party funding
#STOPUigurMuslimGenocide 🧿 https://twitter.com/maajidnawaz/status/1280966777791488000
ii) UK @LibDems supporters are in a leadership race right now, this one is on you: https://twitter.com/maajidnawaz/status/1282613468059832320
Lobby @LibDems leadership candidates to:

1) explicitly distance from Clegg’s ex-election guru Ryan Coatzee’s work for CCP at PR firm Consulum
2) recognise Uigur genocide
3) support UK Magnitsky sanctions on CCP
4) disclose any CCP linked party funding
#STOPUigurMuslimGenocide 🧿
. @UKLabour should:

1) explicitly distance themselves from @HackneyAbbott MP’s recent remarks in defence of the genocidal CCP regime
2) recognise Uigur genocide
3) support UK Magnitsky sanctions on CCP
4) disclose any CCP linked party funding
#STOPUigurMuslimGenocide 🧿
Replicate the above for parties in your own country please.
And write all companies, radio & social media included, to stop advertising for Tik Tok too. It is compromised https://twitter.com/maajidnawaz/status/1280966313360457728
Supporters, please do not send me ideas.

Ensuring we #NeverAgain see genocide is all of our responsibility

Just act

If I need help I’ll ask

Do not send me interview requests. Instead, uplift voices of the World @UyghurCongress. If they’re overwhelmed, send them volunteers
We say #NeverAgain, we must mean it.

Name me one genocide in which we acted soon enough?

Yeah... thought so

We are all in denial

Many of our politicians have been compromised by genocidal CCP blood money. It’s all in this thread

WAKE the fuck up

#STOPUigurMuslimGenocide 🧿

Politicans, journalists, lobbyists & any cheap sell out, if you’re complicit in any way with this genocide, we’re coming for you

CCP, you shall not pass.

#STOPUigurMuslimGenocide 🧿
Here’s a template letter worked on by anti-genocide volunteer @Will_Potter1 for you all to edit as you see fit, and send on to everyone concerned. Thank you Will, for not simply asking me to do something, but for doing it yourself voluntarily:
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