Here's the geographical map of subcontinent around 200–300 B.C.

You can see that modern day Nepal didn't even exist back then. Most of the subcontinent was ruled by Maurya empire whose capital was Patliputra (Patna).

It was one World's biggest & India's biggest ever empire.
Let's have a look at the events related to #GautamBuddha's life:

▪️ Place of Birth for Prince Siddhartha who later became Buddha :- Lumbini, Nepal.

▪️ Place where he meditated,attained enlightenment & became Lord Buddha:- Bodhgaya, Bihar, India.
▪️ Place where he delivered his first sermon : Sarnath, U.P, India.

▪️ First university where he visited and reported to have taught for several years:- #NalandaUniversity, Bihar, India.
▪️ For the remaining years of his life, the Buddha is said to have travelled in the Gangetic Plain of Magadh empire (Northern India) & Mahajanpadas to preach Buddhism.

▪️ Place where he died (Mahaparinirvana) : Kushinagar, U.P, India.
▪️ Place where first Buddhist council was held immediately after Lord Buddha’s death :- Rajgriha, Bihar, India.

▪️ Even after his death, 7 part of his body relics remained in india, one part was given to Sakya clan.
▪️ The biggest follower of Lord Buddha and Buddhism was none other than an Indian king Asoka. It was only due to his efforts that Buddhism spread across Asia.

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