I’ve been thinking about this for a couple of days...in the past few quite a few accounts - all unquestionably male - have decided to have words with me. I’m too partisan, an apologist, etc. A flood of mansplaining. /2
2/ Except for chiding the odd person for name-calling, I’ve never arrogated to tell anyone else that they need to change who they are to suit me. I fact-correct, rebut, and block Q/MAGA types. /3
3/ So all you bothered-by-me men - some of you in the press, sadly - your paternalism issues are yours to deal with. You are as water off this old duck’s back. /4
4/ As I have said a few times, if your political preferences are so wobbly that you need me to undermine my own, you have some thinking to do.
And I’m not the only target of attempted bullying.
Thanks all for the kind words. It wasn’t my aim to seem to be whining - I can handle these jerks - but I want some of the menfolk out there to look in the mirror.
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