Media, please! Call @jkenney out when he trots out the line about the #SKpoli surgical wait time initiative. Hidden in the chest-thumping of the report on that initiative is that the reason that the program worked was that the SK provided more $ to private clinics #ableg
Here it the report, and pay attention to the added money, but no breakdown as to where it went. Now, see this report that shows that as of 4/30/20 the decrease in patients waiting 3 mo. or less is only 3% and 6 mo. or less is only 19%, and #ableg
that those wait times are for surgery OR offer of surgery.
So again media, please question @jkenney and @shandro on the facts. There is no proof that private centres solve wait times. #ableg @DShepYEG @YourAlberta @ABhealth
There was a tweet lost in this thread after the 2nd that stated the 2nd doc showed that as of 04-20, the reduction in surgical wait time from 03-10 for 3 mo or less was 3% and for 6 mo or less was 19%. That's 10 yrs cumulative reduction of 3 and 19%. #ableg @DShepYEG
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