Hey Jason Chaffetz @jasoninthehouse why don’t you STFU ..we are in the middle of a knife fight with the deep state and you have to talk smack about @GenFlynn .. I will remind everyone that you worked closely with the enemy to continue the Mueller #WitchHunt ... No one in The WH
Or anyone who supports @realDonaldTrump gives two shits about your opinion.. I will remind them all that when you were in Congress you wholeheartedly supported Mueller and his #WitchHunt with your buddy Elijah Cummings .. you are a liar and a grifter and a self promoting phony
RINO ... like your buddy Pierre Delecto ..aka .Mittens Romney... @FoxNews should be very careful having this asshole on air ... he keeps this up and you will lose many viewers ...WE remember when you trashed The President and now attack @GenFlynn @realDonaldTrump @SidneyPowell1
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