HUH??? MUSLIM PRIVILEGE??? yeah no, if you’re gonna come at me disrespecting my religion and my culture then stfu. white privilege DOES exist. can you tell me how many times ppl were racist to you or called you a slur??? none.
because you can’t be racist towards white people and there are no slurs towards white people. my whole religion is about peace and respecting people.
NEVER in the history of my religion did we “invade a place and try to change its culture”. the last time i checked, muslims don’t try and light you on fire and put you in concentration camps if you’re not muslim. but guess who does that???
last time i checked, white people were the colonizers, not the pic. white people are the ones who stole land and kicking the natives out of it, not the poc. you’re not gonna come at me and say that “muslim privilege” exists when in other countries-
muslim women get their hijab taken off everyday because someone is “threatened” by it. can you teal me what’s threatening about a scarf on your head???? have YOU ever been called a terror!st?? have people ever been racist towards YOU??? no. because you’re WHITE.
like it or not, white privilege DOES exist, and YOU have it. you can use it to do something HELPFUL! instead, you’re trying to act oppressed and calling everyone who ACTUALLY experienced racism and oppression that they have privilege. use your mind
about the (NEVER in the history of my religion did we “invade a place and try to change its culture”) part of my tweet since everyone ignores everything else i’ve said:
what the turks did was bad and unacceptable. does it represent the entire religion? no. no religion and no history of something is perfect.
i agree i worded it wrong but i was really angry at the time, this isn’t an excuse really and i’m sorry. if i offended anyone this wasn’t my intention.
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