Just to be clear, this is a completely made-up claim. I never threatened Katelyn Burns with legal action, and I never threatened http://Rewire.News  with legal action. It is a lie. Because she is a liar. And now we can watch the lie spread in real time. Twitter is fun!
2/ Now that, as was her intention, the lie is spreading, I'll re-up my simple ask: Just post the legal complaints! If they exist, why can't she post them? Furthermore, why not post the termination letter? This is pathological lying. https://twitter.com/jessesingal/status/1282475241944551424
3/ This is a lie that also impugns @Rewire_News. They're now being accused of firing a trans woman over bullshit legal threats. Did they really do that? Shouldn't a journalist inquire? Why won't one? It's a serious accusation against RN.
4/ Oh and I'm blocked but someone should politely, without rancor, ask @nberlat what he believes is the probability that evidence will emerge that this thing -- which he tweeted out into the world as a true statement -- will be proven versus disproven.
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