Thread: A look inside Epsteins 75 acre estate. Victims or willing participants?
Chauntae Davies, an alleged victim of Jeffery Epstein, recently released some photos taken on what has now been dubbed, pedophile island. I may offend some people here, but I go outside the box.
1. I go where the facts lead me. I refuse to follow the narrative created by the MSM. I am a truth seeker. #DarkToLight #TheGreatAwakening #QAnon
2. The media keeps painting the girls that were part of his entourage as victims. I know the kind of monsters Epstein and his associates are. I can say with confidence that I have done more research on this than anyone I have ever come in contact with.
3. However, the more that comes out, the more I question whether or not some of these self-proclaimed victims were voluntary participants. Don't think of me as heartless until you observe the evidence.
4. One of the major red flags was the pictures Davies not only kept for years, but randomly released. Let's be real, a rape victim wouldn't keep pictures of her rapist or abuser. Victims of sexual assault want to forget. They are traumatized for life in most cases.
5. These pictures seem to be more like mementos than anything else. I don't see a traumatized victim, I see a young girl, 'enjoying' living life in the lap of luxury on an exotic island.
6. Think logically here. Would a captor allow his prisoner to wander around on his island with a camera? Let alone, leave the island with pictures? Who is the man in black shorts?
7. One thing I learned in my previous research, was that a lot of the girls were either runaways, or came from impoverished families.
8. I abhor the fact that Epstein and his associates liked underage girls, and to be blunt, it's just plain disgusting, but that doesn't change where I'm going with this. [THEY] are going down, but,,, for the right/real victims?
9. . These girls went to either his Ialand, Fl mansion, NY townhouse, or his ranch in NM willingly to give him a massage or service his friends. They were not held hostage there. Is that the smile of a victim?
10. If in fact they were forced to have sex with him; why did they take the $300 and then go back repeatedly? He allowed them to leave! They CHOSE to go back. That's not a victim, it's a prostitute. Victim? They look happy to me!
11. The MSM has tried to overshadow the 'REAL' victims with a bunch of now, middle-aged women, that suddenly came forward claiming to be victims and piled on to a huge lawsuit against Epstein.
12. There are numerous open source reportings of Epstein parading through high-end department stores buying the girls whatever they wanted. Many of them ended up very wealthy and in executive positions. Others married billionaires or chair multi-million dollar foundations.
13. I am going to post some images of real victims. 'REAL' surviviors of human trafficking before posting more of the images Davies recently released.
15. For too long I have allowed my emotions to cloud my judgment. I almost bought in to the fascade. Does this look like a victim? [THEY] want everyone focused on the willing participants that now claim to be victims, to distract us from the 'REAL' victims. Victim?
16. Many of the girls admitted in interviews that they helped with the recruiting. What would make a better lure for the YOUNG children than an innocent looking teenage girl? What if these girls were part of the real trafficking?
17. The best means of self preservation 'AFTER' he got arrested would be to say I was a victim. If you know anything at all about human trafficking, those people are NOT allowed to come and go as they please.
18. Their procurers are definitely not parading them down park avenue, wining and dining them in restaurants where most people can't afford an appetizer, or flying them all over the world in a private jet. No sir: exposure is how you get caught
19. You wont find any of those women in a missing persons report. Those are the victims we should be focusing on. For all we know, some these women could be crisis actors put out there by [THEM] to distract us.
20. Q has dropped this several times. These were the [REAL] Epstein victims and NO ONE is talking about them. The MSM keeps us distracted with the so-called victims. Call me harsh if you want to.
21. This does not look like a victim! And a victim damn sure wouldn't keep pics of her assailant in the family album. My guess: she sold the pics to a media outlet.
22. I'm just going to sum it up. Young girls from impoverished families get an opportunity to live in luxury. Ride in limousines, hang out with movie stars, heads of state and even royalty.
23. Fly around on a private jet, shop in the best stores and eat like this. That is NOT a victim. It's a distraction from the real victims. He had girls lining up for that lifestyle. Don't be fooled! She even saved food pics kek.
24. Again: these are the real victims! Those that know can't sleep. #QAnon
25 In closing, you can draw your own conclusions. I advise you to research for yourself. BUT, don't be a sheep and believe the narrative. It's the ritual sacrifice, abuse and cannibalism [THEY] hide with distractions.
26. Okay, following much ado, I think I found our guy in black shorts above. Here is his head shot I cropped out.
27. Finally on Yandex I found this guy. The link to the right of his image took me to an article from a Russian outlet. 
28. When I put the title of said article in to Google translate; I got this. 🤔
29. Now I had a name, but when I searched for him he was a ghost. Did you notice when the news of his resignation was first released? Right around the time Epstein got arrested the 1st time, but before he got convicted. Coincidence?
30. We know that Epstein had multiple scientists and researchers on retainer. The question now becomes: what did Epstein have going on with the Russian Health Minister.
31. Oops, I forgot to post this image in the thread kek.
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