***Distributed Gas Generation Thread***

16/06/2020 – v high gas generation connected to elec transmission (~70%).

Disaggregated data from 10 monitored flexible power generation stations connected to our @WWUtilities network only using 65% of their connected capacity at peak.
Estimate of distributed flexible gas generation across GB, based on prorated aggregation of monitored generation against all connected capacity.
Average power generation profile over a day as a % share of daily generation from these flexible plants. The fleet responds to the typical demand profile, but also to low renewable generation.
Average monthly power generation profile over a year (hours per flexible distributed gas generation site). Note they are used more in summer than in winter.
General statistics from monitored flexible distributed gas generation sites.
The top 5 days in 2019-20 with the highest average hours of flexible distributed gas generation, noting 4 are late spring and summer.
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