The Poker and Politics Famous Person's Guide For Engaging With QAnon: How To Not Go Insane On-line.
1. I'm watching @chrissyteigen dealing with the lunatics from QAnon and it's driving me nuts that everything she's saying is the normal, rational reaction somebody would have in this situation and it's also completely wrong.
2. She says her reaction to being called a pedophile is to be defensive and that's a normal, human way to react, but QAnon doesn't care about the legitimacy of the claim. All they want is to hold the power in the conversation.
3. By putting a famous person on the defensive they are winning. They feel powerful and emboldened. They are winning because Chrissy is deleting tweets (That hide her horrific crimes!) That she's trying to defend herself (When she knows she's guilty!) This leads to more attacks.
4. Any form of engagement on the merits of what they are saying are futile because while there are some "Save the kids" folks, most of these people are trolls and ghouls who just want to take credit for helping a public figure have a breakdown on-line or deactivate their Twitter.
5. The only two ways to deal with these people is to block and ignore everyone posting this crap on your social media (This is the lower effort and best option) or to engage them by aggressively trolling them. They already know you're evil so you might as well admit it.
4. Chad Hanks drove QAnon nuts when he "Admitted" his parents are bloodthirsty cannibals. When you bust out an Illuminati Eye and talk about pineal glands you get QAnon all sorts of angry. Now you're mocking their super serious beliefs.
5. The whole point of the Illuminati/New World Order stuff is that Evil Satanists have a Code of Satanic Conduct where they have to try to sneak hidden symbolism into their videos/films/TV shows to brainwash us all. These love finding that stuff to prove famous people are bad.
6. When you throw the symbolism in their face they get all sorts of angry. Now you've ruined the game. The whole point is they are supposed to catch you, you're not supposed to admit it. That takes the fun away. Also by admitting it you show you're getting away with it.
7. They seethe in anger as the police refuse to arrest you even when you openly eat pizza and get matching Eye of Horus tattoos with your spouse. Only Satan loving mass murderers do those things! Why won't somebody stop them!
8. Now the power balance is on the side of the famous person being accused of the crime. Now QAnon pouts and screams "Do something Q!" while nothing happens and the Deep State wins yet again.
9. Garbage swearing their loyalty to the New World Order by performing on a checkerboard floor (Yes this is a real comment I saw on Youtube. This is the thing, you can never win because there is a million 'bad symbols' and you will use one of them and be shown as a Satanist)
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