I've been getting messages from people who loved Felix Ever After, and say they're excited to read my other books including Queen of the Conquered.

first, thank you so much! and, second, I also want to give a warning that Felix and Queen are different in every possible way.
I love both of these books, but they're literally opposites: Felix is about self-love, and Queen is about self-hatred. Felix is about growth and change and acceptance, and Queen is about the consequences of refusing to change. Felix is about surviving harm from others…
…and Queen is about harming others, and the ways we lie to ourselves about that harm. you're meant to love Felix. you're meant to hate Sigourney. Queen and its sequel King of the Rising are also very violent. I love Queen, because I was really honest and vulnerable about the…
…intersection of oppression and privilege, which I don't think people talk about enough, and if it's all right to toot my own horn, I think it's beautifully written (probably the most out of all my books, tbh) and plays with pov in a way I haven't seen done before.
I trust that people can look at the summaries for both and tell that they're very different books, but I'm still worried about readers coming off a high of love and celebration of Felix, and entering a world like Queen of the Conquered without realizing just how different…
…these books are. I'm also proud that I contain multitudes and can write such drastically different books, and I'm really grateful I haven't been placed into a box of "only MG" or "only YA romantic contemporary" or "only adult fantasy" and I hope to keep smashing those boxes.
I see writers like readers: same way a lot of readers will enjoy anything, writers should be able to write anything, too.

anyway, enough of that tangent. I'd just been wanting to put that general warning about Felix and Queen out into the world for a while, so there ya go.
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