Your heavy handed tactics won’t play in your favour. We WANT to compensate physicians for saving our lives.

What Albertans want to see, Mr. @shandro, is the “sunshine list” of big UCP donors, accountability for your asinine War Room funding & other propaganda. #abpoli #ABhealth
What we WANT to see is the list of your salaries & the salaries of your issues manages & secretaries compared to other provinces.

Why so high?! Ya’ll aren’t saving lives here. (In fact, you’re attacking the educational & health structures that would.) #ableg #ABdocs4patients
What we’d LIKE to see, mr. @shandro, is exactly how much your family will financially benefit from increased need for health insurance when your wife runs a *checks notes* company that provides health insurance. #ableg #abpoli
“Transparency,” right?

Could we get some where it counts?

Sure, show us physicians salaries. They don’t mind. AND show us how much extra they pay to practice in this province, because you and we all know they do.

Let’s indeed get some transparency going here in #abpoli.
It’s almost comical that UCP ministers would have ANYTHING to say about transparency. Honestly.

You think your party has ANY credibility right now in the eyes of many Albertans? You’ve attacked & undermined our teachers, professors, nurses, physicians, private citizens. Please.
So yeah.

Bring on the transparency!! Let’s see it. That’s what we’ve been asking for this whole time.

Just make sure you include yourselves, mmm?

#abpoli #ableg #UCP #ABdocs4patients
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