"Who cares if a couple sports teams change their names & logos?"

You are missing the point then.

This is about **complete cultural dominance** by the Marxists.

Nothing, not even a team sports name, can be left standing in their long march through our American institutions.
American culture **must** be destroyed and replaced with something 'better'.

These people clamoring for these changes believe our historical American culture is too riddled with slavery, misogyny, capitalism, Christianity, etc. to be saved.

It's folks like Karen Attiah, Ted Wheeler, Jenny Durkan, Jacob Frey, Bill DeBlasio, Keisha Bottoms & Muriel Bowser who are gonna DECIDE with the aid of their masked Marxist goon squads running amok in the big cities what our common American culture & heritage gets replaced with.
If you're comfortable with what's been going on these past few months, you **want** to see the evil American culture and heritage ripped up, torn down, smashed to pieces & replaced with something 'better', why then, your choice is clear.

You need to REWARD THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY for what it's been doing to both your family and your community by voting to GIVE THEM MORE POWER OVER YOUR LIFE.

But...if you're NOT happy with what you've been watching these past few months, I suggest an alternative.
I suggest you vote for the candidates that **don't** want to tear up America's culture or heritage and force all these lighting-speed changes on it.

Only one candidate running for President has said he will defend America's historical culture & heritage.
And it's not the babbling dementia patient who's public appearances have to be tightly controlled and scripted.

There's only one way to stop the insanity. That's to send a message to these Democrats and their goon squads in the streets:

Remember the faces Democrats in Congress made when President Trump declared that at his State of the Union address two years ago?

Especially THIS loser:
Americans all over this country, many of who reflexively voted Democrat in the past, have been WOKEN UP watching the absolutely insane antics of the Democratic leaders in their Congress, their state & their city.

They now fully realize the danger of giving these people power.
They aren't stopping at statues.

They aren't stopping with sports team names and logos.

The purges will only grow and expand.

It's their nature.

They grow and expand...until they are stopped.

They have no brakes and they'll never stop on their own.
Understand: this is ALL about Trump.

These Democrats are so desperate to get Trump out of office they are literally holding their own states and cities HOSTAGE to violent mobs while deliberately standing down their police departments & refusing to send in the National Guard.
It's insane, of course, but we're watching it happen in real time.

Mayors and governors & city councils controlled by Democrats are **deliberately** standing down, defunding, voting to disband police departments while mobs run amok & violent crime skyrockets.
That's not some crazy right-wing conspiracy theory.

You can SEE it happening out in the open.

The Democrats **must** keep their states in total lockdown, it's the only way they can advance their agenda on Marxism, and most especially, GETTING RID OF TRUMP.
The biggest tell this is all deliberate is the way the Democrats in these states & cities **react** when the feds or the GOP governor send in help.

Bottoms in Atlanta roared the National Guard weren't needed and roasted Gov. Kemp for sending them.
Bowser in DC **demanded** Trump & Barr get those federal tactical units out of her city.

Wheeler & the city council in Portland OR. are incensed that Barr sent federal units to protect the federal buildings in their city.
So it's pretty clear if people like Bottoms, Bowser, Wheeler and other Democrats running these states and cities had their way, the mobs would be completely unchecked in their looting, destruction and actions.

Democrats are doing this **deliberately**.

Change my mind.
Giving violent rampaging hordes of Antifa and BLM rioters and looters 'space to destroy' in their cities is a deliberate choice.

It is not happening by accident. It is policy.

It has to be faced squarely, what happened here.
And what happened here is a bunch of IDEOLOGICAL LUNATICS got voted into power while MOST of the people in these states and cities weren't paying attention or even voting.

A whole lot of people living in these blue states & cities have spent 6 months learning a BRUTAL LESSON.
It DOES matter who wins elections.

Maybe you didn't think it matter all that much, but it does.

It **DOES** matter if the WRONG PERSON wins the election to be governor of your state.

It **DOES matter if the WRONG PERSON wins the election to be your city's mayor.
And understand something here, all you people constantly screaming about vote fraud.

Democrats could game the voting system when 80% or more of the voting population opted out of participating.

That won't be the case this November.

We've seen this in the primary season.
When the 80% of the people who never bothered to vote in primaries or vote at all rouse themselves after watching almost a full year of the baying-at-the-moon lunatic antics of their state & city officials, it's game over.
So get this down: a MASSIVE number of angry former Democrats will make their voices heard by voting this November.

They've had it up to HERE and they're NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE.
HELL NO they're not going **REWARD** the babbling dementia patient & the Democratic party for what they've been putting their families and their communities through.

Far from it.
This attempt to completely trash America's common culture & heritage at warp-speed in an attempt to advance Marxist/Socialism while also getting rid of Trump is not only going to fail, it's going to massively backfire on these people.
Their control of the media won't matter.
Their control of the polls won't matter.
Their control of the corporations won't matter.

It didn't matter in 2016 when they were HIDING their true beliefs & plans while running Hillary and Trump won ANYWAY.
Now they've gone baying-at-the-moon crazy while running a guy who has to be hidden in his basement most of the time.

While they try to blitzkrieg American culture with their Marxist goon squads in our city streets.

They never had a chance at winning.


Oh yes they will.

They'll keep trying to convince you they are WINNING AND GOING TO WIN because the REDSKINS CHANGED THEIR NAME.

Next will be the Rangers. Then the Cowboys. Maybe the Chiefs or the Braves.

"Look how POWERFUL we are! We just made an NFL franchise bow to us!"


I'm SO HAPPY FOR YOU. Keep it right up.

It won't matter.

/the end
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