All those cheering UK policy banning #5G equipment from #Huawei, calm down.

Policy: Buying new Huawei #5G equipment banned after 31 December 2020.

Implication: Nothing -- UK telecommunications firms are free to buy all #Huawei equipment they want, and more, over the next five months.
Policy: Existing ban on Huawei from most sensitive ‘core’ parts of 5G network remains.

Implication: Nothing -- no change from previous policy.
Policy: All #Huawei equipment to be removed from #5G networks by end of 2027.

Implication: Nothing -- by 2027, 5G will be history, 6G will be commercialised (Samsung plans commercial 6G by 2028, but others could pull the clock).
UK Digital Secretary Oliver Dowden: Following US sanctions against #Huawei and updated technical advice from our cyber experts, the government has decided it is necessary to ban Huawei from our #5G networks.

But if Huawei equipment is not secure today, why hold on it till 2027?
From what it looks from here, UK has granted a foreign policy statement to US, but gifted their telecom network security to China for the next seven years.

Still examining the policy. Will update. But for now, congratulations #Huawei!
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