Why is the #DeepStateCabal SO interested in our kids?
Is it just for their sick #pedophelia addictions?
Is it all about #Adrenochrome?
I believe it is ALL about the fact that our children still have uncalcified #pinealgland
Hear me out...
The Pineal Gland is considered the seat of the soul. It regulates most hormone functions in the body. The #DeepStateCabal has succeeded in calcifying our PG over the years through 3 things we do daily 1. Drink water (filled with fluoride) 2. Brush our teeth (filled with fluoride)
There is also a HUGE connection between the PG & free thinking. Sound familiar? The #GreatAwakening is happening through people starting to think for themselves. #DeepState does NOT want that. Now how do we decalcify the PG? @realDonaldTrump told us.
Hydroxychloroquine decalcifies the PG! That is one of the ways! #DeepStateCabal has worked hard to get us all calcified. Starting the day we are born with #vaccines Do you see the picture yet? A calcified PG leads to MANY chronic diseases.
#DeepState need to not just get their "fix" from our kids but also stop them from becoming free thinkers. Fill them with fear and trauma, speed up calcification. Do your research, restore your PG for the #GreatAwakening @realDonaldTrump is leading us into SLAVES NO MORE! #Godwins
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