It's all lies. Dozens of Labs in FL are reporting 100% positivity rates - meaning EVERYONE tested positive for Covid19! This “information” was in the July 11th FL Department of Health daily report. Orlando Health has responded back regarding the report...

The report said they had 98% positive tests, when in fact it was ONLY 9.4% positive. Watch this video from Orlando. We cannot trust state data! Decisions impacting your life are being made from highly flawed, inaccurate data.
#Scamdemic https://www.fox35orlando.com/news/fox-35-investigates-orlando-health-confirms-state-covid-19-report-has-errors
The fact that so many health "officials" are being told to falsify reports (and they're doing it), is very telling on how deep the tentacles reach.

Lab reports are on pages 25-49 of the state report.

Pertinent data is also being omitted from the reports, like hospitalization rate, recoveries, multiple retestings, & non- symptomatic cases. Something else that has come to light, is the CV "capacity" % of hospitals is also being manipulated to add to the fear.
State and local officials are using this false data to justify their unconstitutional mask and shutdown mandates.

Overwhelmingly, the counties enforcing the mandates are run by Democrats in swing states.

Why? It's ALWAYS been about the election.

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