#Huawei 1/5 The UK has taken leave of its senses. This period will become famous in our history as an exercise in national suicide. We left the EU, our biggest trading partner. We now decide that China, the largest economy in the world, is our greatest enemy.
2/5 We turn our back on Huawei, one of the world's most innovative and important companies, and its 5G technology that is crucial to our future. We rip out all its technology in an extraordinary act of national self-harm, costing us, one suspects, 5-10 years.
3/5 And on whose orders? Those of the worst president in US history who is busy undermining America's own future. The parliamentary Conservative Party is now in hock to a right-wing cabal who live in the past and have no sense of the future. They will never be forgiven.
4/5 China has been responsible for one-third of global economic growth since 2009. By 2030 it will account for around 30% of global GDP. China is the crucial player in the global economy and that will be true on a far greater scale in future. The UK has no future without China.
5/5 The Tory fossils talk about a great alliance against China. Forget it. Not even Europe will be with you. You are leading our country into the wilderness and irreversible national decline.
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