Today, while talking to a Pakistani friend, I learnt that in Pakistan, Muslim converts from ‘dalit’ castes or ‘untouchables’ are derogatorily called ‘Mussali’ or ‘Mausalee’. They live segregated, do mostly sanitation jobs, and aren’t treated at par with the Muslim majority +
The Joshua project website which, despite its conversion agenda, remains an exhaustive catalogue of castes in South Asia, says they are about 26 lakh in number and “their form of Islam is tainted by Hinduism”
I think this is why I never found any Pakistani Hindu in India from ‘dalit’ caste despite my persistence. They probably all convert even though continue to have low status. Every single migrant I have met says he is from Rajput caste and traces lineage to Rajasthan
I persisted because I wanted to get them benefits under SC/ST law, but never found any. Some activists have told me that all migrants introduce themselves as Rajputs to avoid discrimination. However, as I’m said, every single one cites links to Rajasthan.
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