I have a theory on what is happening right now. @SnowWhite7IAM post adds some credence to this theory.

Short thread. https://twitter.com/snowwhite7iam/status/1283005772524290049
Q, POTUS, and team have been dismantling the cabal piece by piece for several years. Taking out low-hanging fruit, using disinformation to get others to out themselves, targeting those at the top. All of this must be done by the book to ensure baddies are
Legally held, charged, and convicted of their crimes - at least some of those crimes. We know many are guilty of more than a few.

Imagine the difficulty, given how wide and deep and embedded this corruption is in govt, corporations, military, courts, entertainment, and
Society itself. It’s slowly and steadily taken over almost all of our world. I say almost because there are free thinkers who’ve tried to inform the rest. Many of them have been punished (jailed, fired, blacklisted) or ‘suicided’ for their attempts.
This has been going on since the 2016 election - reference HRCs arrest on Labor Day 2016. It wasn’t a heat stroke. I step through the video showing how she’s handcuffed on my feed.

Now we are at the precipice. These evil SOBs won’t go down without a fight
WHs have taken away most of their weapons, but they are still fighting. And the way they fight is to kill innocents.

Which brings me to Covid fear porn.
What if WHs are using Fauci to spew fear porn so schools, shops, businesses close, to prevent large gatherings?

What if this fear porn is to prevent another Las Vegas massacre, school shooting, etc?

Through fear porn WHs are reducing the number of populated targets.
What did DS do? Force the issue - Cuomo murdered innocents with the nursing home mandate.

Then came the Floyd staging, riots.

Now we’re back to Covid.

And the masks?
Masks stop facial recognition. See Ghislaine Maxwell evading arrest.

States, cities, counties with mask mandates likely are hotbeds for potential arrests. Remember, DS is embedded all over. The see 👁 aye has posted how their agents are now working in all industries.
So, WHs are arresting people and keeping us safe using Fauci and fear porn.

What happens when your business CEO, neighbor, high school friend, college mate is arrested? It could happen.

Are we ready for the grim truth of how vast it is?
I’ve been wondering for over a year who among my sphere at work are involved. I have theories on a few, but will wait until I have facts.

And this thread is longer than I expected.. 🤷‍♀️

Are you ready?
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