How many of you have ever made a flippant joke about child rape or cannibalism? In private, let alone publicly in writing?

Yeah, me either.
Owned = Possessed
Ba ba ba (sheep sound, announced "the lamb")

AAAAAA (infinite screaming)

Lock chain (🤔)

Less than 3 x 3

Block chain

"I am still flooded with sick psychopaths."

Possessed. Owned.
Who knows where all the bodies are Barry'd? @RealSophiaRobot.
Block chain
Without the "i" would be Block Chan


Is Block chain some kind of opposite of marrying chain?


2 chains

The Jesus and Mary chain

She doesn't necessarily mean the baby looks sexualized.

She's saying she saw a baby that "looked like" (verb or adjective) a "trashy, do anything porn star"

She's talking about me. The "trashy do anything porn star" is a reference to ME.
"She would do anything to be with me"

Everything they say is comms. Stop making assumptions. Start listening and reading with intention. Multiple meanings exist.
Meaning, if she had the power to, she would put her "self" in jail. You don't necessarily know what she means by "self" here. Perhaps she is genuinely expressing a truth with nuance. I'm not excusing it, I'm asking valid questions. You should too.
To be a witness for God makes you "see" things. Multiple meanings exist.
I'm not saying she's not a pedo. I'm saying I'm open to learning something from her chosen communications.
"accounts appear to have been compromised in order to perpetuate cryptocurrency fraud"


This is not a coincidence, nor is it a "hack"

Get ready y'all.
"Pay them back double" is not a good thing in the bible.
It will be very interesting for the investigators to see who was willing to do that in that 30 minute window. Patriots in control. Trust the plan. Remain open to the possibility of cooperating witnesses.
Why is twitter blurring the images in this thread?
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