My most remarkable memory of board results

Our next-door neighbour, who was two years younger than me and from a well-off business family, failed in 10th. He did not return home and, instead, went to the Ghaziabad railway station. He must have anticipated his failure as +
..he had already taken some cash & a pair of clothes when he left for school in the morning (as revealed later)

He eventually returned home at midnight. A cop had brought him home from old Delhi station. Turned out he had made a plan to elope with a few of his school friends+
who had similarly thought they would fail. They all, however, passed. My neighbour decided to go ahead anyway. He boarded the train to Delhi without a plan. A cop in the train suspected something was wrong and questioned him. The boy said his name was Ramu +
...his mother did jhaadu-poncha and his father was a heavy drunkard so he had decided to leave the house

Seeing his expensive clothes, bag and shoes, the cop slapped him hard after which this boy blurted out everything. This is how he was saved. We also learnt that the cop got+
Got a good ‘prize’, but that’s another story.

The family had a carpet-making factory then. The boy, the sole heir, was taken out of school. He now runs five manufacturing units
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