This maize discussion. This is another time to share my article on Buhari/Emefiele's disastrous food self-sufficiency mantra.

We produce poverty faster than we produce food locally with this anti-food imports stance.
The CBN's inflation target is 6-9%, the biggest barrier to that is food prices. Food inflation is 15%, which means food prices on average double every five years. The Nigerian consumer's food spending is 57% of total, yet the CBN is actively against cheaper food prices.
In rural communities with 52% poverty rate (urban: 18%), 61% of total spending is on food. Tell me, how does it make sense to make food more expensive for then? For the urban population, 48% of total spending is on food. Again, cheaper food prices will support them.
Two screenshots shared by @seunsmith from WB's latest report on Nigeria. The border closure has meant that the Nigerian consumer has to spend more on food to maintain the same welfare. Rice is the biggest culprit here.
Nigeria is a massive poverty producing factory.
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