This comment from Tracey is revealing. Modern day American center-left liberals actually like coalition building w/ leftists. The antipathy towards leftist economic ideals that some claim exists isn't really widespread. The problem is w/ anti-intersectionality & hostile attitudes
It's true that not all liberals are as far left as Davis in economic terms, but that doesn't mean she is disrespected. Quite the opposite. And even though some on the far left claim liberals want to compromise w/ Republicans, they're actually quite eager to talk to leftists.
The initial ideological antipathy is often imagined, perhaps springing from the fact that many center-left folks embrace pragmatism, etc. Then that breeds more antipathy. But the center-left is not nearly as *hostile* to leftists in ideological terms as some imagine.
Liberals don't really get mad at the economic ideas leftists propose, so it's not at all surprising that liberals embrace a figure like Angela Davis. Expressing shock at this makes me believe many are fighting a liberal Strawman.
And, to be clear here, I'm specifically talking about leftist economic ideas. There are issues of class-reductionism and/or anti-intersectionality that pervade *some* leftist spaces. Those critiques would not apply to Angela Davis, however.
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